Share the Moment Competition: Win a phone each week for 8 weeks!

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Share the Moment Competition: Win a phone each week for 8 weeks!

yululate competition

You no longer have to keep quiet about good or bad service, because Yululate Kenya is giving you a chance to win a smartphone each week. #TheMomentwhen you encounter good or bad service, with a good smartphone you can quickly review the business.

Dubbed “Share the Moment” campaign, this is a promotion that not only rewards constructive expression but that also encourages Kenyans to develop a culture of giving feedback.

Why? Because the best moments are moments shared

Because sharing is caring about the next customer. Because you the customer is king and it is time businesses respect the power of the customer!

And Yululate offers you an effective platform to air your views.



SHARING IS CARING…and the smallest moment can turn a life around. The simple things in life like saying thank you to the persons who serve us for that meal,  sharing with your friends  places you have visited with great discounts or informing a business which areas they may need to improve their services on.

And owning a good phone enables you to share any moment, emotion, opinion or view wherever you are whenever you want. Everything is at the touch of your fingertips.

We, at Yululate, by giving you a chance to win a phone, want to enable you to always be able to share those small things in life that really matter to you.

So let’s share #ThatMomentWhen



Simply go about your daily activities

When you encounter amazing or not so amazing service

Ensure you sign up on and write a review about the amazing or not so amazing service you just received

You are then automatically entered into the draw for a chance to win

You will be notified entry into the draw via email

A lucky winner will be chosen to win a phone each week



Everyone and Anyone.

As long as you have a valid review/encounter with a business.

The only persons not eligible to participate are: Yululate Kenya staff.



Weekly draws, Random Selection.

Once you successfully write a review, you will be entered into the weekly draw.

Weekly winners will then be selected at random

  • 1 Infinix X510 Phone Winner each week



All winners will be contacted by only one number:  0716 980 573

Once a winner is verified as having written a review & provided proof, he/she will then proceed with the reward process.

Phone Prize:  Winner will be contacted and a handover process organized



This is a weekly prize competition, which means you stand a new chance each & every week to win something.  The higher your entries the more the chances to win.


So what are you waiting for? Start sending posting a review on today!


Charity Murigi
Charity Murigi
Charity is the marketing lead at "Nothing excites me more than seeing ideas come to life and growing brands. My work entails successful planning and implementation of multi-channel marketing strategies."


  1. Wow! I am now in for this 8 winners i will do my best

  2. Adrian Harman says:

    Wawawa eti niwin phone nitachukua selfie na hi kabamberoid yangu

  3. Paxie says:

    it is a good initiative that young people can use to express themselves

  4. denis says:


  5. Emmanuel says:

    ready for this… #inlovewithit

  6. David says:

    Infix phone is wonderful to have why,because its simple and it has all modern features,easy sensor touch screen,its unique and portable.I like it.

  7. Mary Njuguna says:

    Ooh wow! What a great way to express one’s self & equally win.
    Nice initiative,Am in

  8. It’s a good initiative congratulations

  9. Mercy says:

    I am a business person and I move from company to company , I have first hand experience with customer care services

  10. kevin ogal says:

    My encounter is when went for shopping and when i reached the counter,after paying for my shopping the laddy at the counter gave me four sweet instead of four shillings uchumi jogoo rd.

  11. sonia says:

    #yuyulate maneno ,heads down into it

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