How to Genuinely Write A Great Review

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How to Genuinely Write A Great Review

It is easy to have an amazing experience but it is not so easy to review one. Yet, in the digital age we are in, it is becoming a very useful skill to review a business, product or service. Reviews allow you, as a consumer, to share with other consumers your take on a business, product or service.

We understand that writing a review is not as easy as it seems. So below is the steps to writing a good review and what qualifies as a (makes the cut for) valid review on

  1. Try out the service, business

This may sound very basic but is the most important thing about a review. You can’t talk about what you haven’t experienced, right? A good review is your own opinion of your experience. What you felt, what you tasted, what you went through. Not what you hear from your friends walking down the streets or in a matatu!

  1. Describe! Describe! Describe!

A review is your chance to tell your story. How happy, bored, frustrated, excited you were. A restaurant can’t simply be interesting. A phone can’t simply be nice. A dentist can’t simply be good. What made it interesting, nice or good? Personalise your review, we want to know what really happened. Honestly, we do.

Don’t write “good food, bad service.” Honestly, this doesn’t say anything in particular and doesn’t help another person.

  1. Title your review

It is important to give your review a nice title, it tells someone what to expect from your experience. It is a summary of your opinion or your experience. In review titles you can say things like:

“Attentive customer service. Will definitely go back”

“Serve the best wine in town”

“Great attention to detail. Impressed”

“Best hotel in town”

  1. Give a fair review

Sometimes we really have the worst experiences with customer service and leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth. Perhaps you had a horrible experience with a mechanic, try and articulate what exactly was bad and what was not, in your review. If he did the job well but took a really long time, be sure to say just that. Your experience will sound more credible if you balance it out rather than if you decide to trash or bash them.

Also, don’t think you can get away with saying bad and untruthful things about someone’s business that is unfair to any business and we at Yululate only applaud constructive criticism.

Time to time we have campaigns where we reward users on Yululate. A lucky reviewer is chosen based on what they wrote to win a prize. See here and here.

In such cases, to make your review valid you have to provide evidence that you did encounter that business, service or product.

  1. Put a Date on it

Remember to always put a date of when you encountered the service while writing your review.


Finally when you’re done submit your review and keep reviewing! There are so many benefits you get as a reviewer, more than the joy you get from publishing your opinion, you get a chance to be invited to exclusive Yululate events.

Happy reviewing!

Charity Murigi
Charity Murigi
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