Yululate Tips: Beat the January Blues like a Bauss!

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January 25, 2016
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Yululate Tips: Beat the January Blues like a Bauss!

Hello former Njaanuarians! Congratulations for getting over the only month in the year that has 79 days and has Sportpesa fanatics and sponsors alike complaining of being broke.  After all the holiday frivolities, it can be quite a depressing month.  But hey! You finally did it, and now it’s time to catch up with your friends, some of whom you last saw December last year, place good photos on Instagram as proof that you got into February in one piece. So here ate yululate, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some fun things you can try out this first week of February with a budget of only Kshs. 1,000.

  1. Reconnect with Friends!

Some good laughter and banter is the best medicine. Catch up with your friends and pop into KFC and grab the Streetwise offer which comes as StreetWise 5 at Kshs. 850 or StreetWise 2 for Ksh. 390 depending on how many you are and subdue the craving for some finger licking chicken.  You can share the 5 or 2 pieces of chicken and chips and boost it with a 1.25 L soda as you talk, share ideas, catch up and outdo each other’s stories of the January harshness.

2. Exercise and enjoy the great outdoors!

Cycling Karura Yululate

After indulging all December with lots of food, come February, we need to get fit and loose some calories. One of the best ways to improve your health and mood  is taking a brisk walk or cycling. Imagine doing so in the forest as you enjoy the eucalyptus smell, the birds chirp, the monkeys chatter and the roar of the waterfall as you chat, laugh and of course take selfies.  No place you can get to do this better that at Karura Forest along Kiambu road opposite the C.I.D Headquarters for only Kshs. 200 only! You can also check out the recently opened ‘River café’ situated in Karura forest (the K-Fed entrance).  You can have a picnic afterwards for at extra cost, enjoy your food as you over look the breath taking view of the forest which is exactly what you need to recover from the walk or cycle.

3. Cool off on some ice!!

Imagine racing with your pals. But not on a racing track, but on ICE.  We all have that loudest and all knowing friend and it would be all laughter seeing him or her fall as he or she is struggling to maintain his/her stability on skating. At the end of the day, that is what memories are made of. You can make merry ice skating memories this February at The Panari Ice Skating Rinki along Mombasa road for only Kshs. 800 inclusive of the skating boots. What are you waiting for? Go take selfies and remember to write a review and share your experience.

4. Shoot some paint! 


Paintball is an engaging game where one aims to eliminate other players by shooting them with paint. Not only is it a great workout but you get to release your emotion is some playful fun.  It is best played in teams and you can group into maybe the light skins vs the dark skins or the skinny ones vs the big ones and challenge each other at the PaintBall Fury along Lang’ata road for only Kshs. 1000 only! This is the craziest and most awesome thing you can do to get your energies flowing after 79 days of January

Smile at the Njaanuary worries and be a step ahead. Treat yourself, your loved ones, not forgetting your crush. Remember, if you have anything to share about the experience, don’t forget to rate and write your review on Yululate.com.

Charity Murigi
Charity Murigi
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