Valentines Day for The Single Person in Nairobi: Tips on What to Do, Where to Go

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Valentines Day for The Single Person in Nairobi: Tips on What to Do, Where to Go

Love is in the air. Technically Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide are in the air, not love (spoken like a single person). But you know what I mean. If you are in a relationship you are looking forward to Valentine’s Day, spending time with your better half and doing something special. Couples are planning extravagant gifts, dinners and trips. It’s a great time to be in a couple! Maybe? And it’s all single people can do not to make snide remarks and sulk at their lack of Valentines plans. While couples in Nairobi are looking forward to the day, single people, not so much.


For those who are single and alone, whether by choice or by circumstance, the day can be dreary and lonely. At Yululate, we understand that it can be hard to see what to enjoy or how to enjoy the day, especially when you are bombarded with offers that only cater to couples. Contrary to popular belief, you can still have a great time on Valentine’s Day, your single status regardless.


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Here are some tips on how to spend Valentine’s Day if you are single.

  • Spend Time with Friends

If you are friends with a lot of couples, chances are you won’t want to tag along with them. (Nothing sucks worse than being a third wheel). You can however hang out with your other single friends. Yes, there is strength in numbers, and while it may not change the fact that you are alone, at least you will be alone, together. Get your friends together and do something fun for the day. If you are the outdoorsy type go karting, or experience nature by taking a walk or a bicycle ride at the Karura forest.  You’ll be surprised how fast the day goes by when you are having fun. You can cap off the day by having dinner with your friends at your favorite restaurant or food joint. It’s hard to notice how alone you are at a restaurant when you are in good company.

  • Hang Out With Family


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Laughter with family is one of the best things to have

It sounds sad and lame having to spend time with your mom instead of a boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentines Day. It’s actually not. Your family love you no matter what and Valentines Day is your chance to show them you love them right back.


As we grow older, it gets harder and harder to get time to spend time with the family, so why not spend the day with them.  If you’re a lady, book a spa or salon appointment for you and your mom or sister. No one said Valentines should just be for lovers. It’s a day for love and you love your family, so show them.



  • Go Shopping

Many women can attest to this, there’s nothing a little shopping cannot fix. While most single men would rather go have a drink with their mates on Valentines day, women would rather shop. Best part about shopping on Valentine’s Day, a lot is on offer! Whether its chocolates, cakes and most importantly clothes, most Nairobi stores offer discounts on the day. So what if no one got you those shoes or the purse you wanted? Get it yourself and at a great price too! It’s a chance to shop till you drop and not feel guilty about it later on. You can go alone or get your friends to go with you and make a day out of it.

  • Pamper and Treat Yourself

This is perhaps the most important tip. It’s very tempting to lock yourself up indoors and get depressed on this day. The thought of going out and seeing all the couple acting all lovey dovey can be daunting. Most single people would rather just chill at home and wait for the day to end. The alternative, which is more satisfying is treating and pampering yourself.  Is there something special you’ve wanted to or get yourself for a long time and haven’t gotten the time or chance to do?  Could be a makeover, taking a trip or as simple as trying out a new restaurant. This is the time to do it. Be selfish and treat yourself to something you would ordinarily not try. You get to try something new and raise your spirits by chasing the Valentines blues. You can get many more ideas on where to spend the day here.

With these tips, you are guaranteed to have a great day even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to share them with. After all is said and done, however, it’s important to remember that being single and alone isn’t always a bad thing. It’s ok to be alone. Take the time to be happy with yourself. It’ll be that much easier to be happy with someone else when you finally meet them. It’s OK to wait for the right person.

Happy Valentines to all the single people. May this be the last Valentine’s Day you spend alone.

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