Valentines Day Economics: Spend Less and Still Have Fun

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Valentines Day Economics: Spend Less and Still Have Fun

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Soooo Valentines day is here and the pressure is on. For the single folk, it’s the thought of spending it alone that has some worried. But really, it’s OK to be single for the entire year but suddenly on Valentines Day it’s a big deal? For the single people who think it’ll suck, check out the tips we have on how to get through the day.

For couples however, the story is different. It’s a different pressure all together. With the day only a couple (see what I did there?) away, men are stressing on what to get their women and whether the gift will come up to scratch. And the women? Well, most are hoping to get more than a blank stare and the dreaded ‘I forgot it was Valentines Day’ statement.

Whatever the gift, the reality is folks are going to be spending money. Therein lies the biggest pressure of all. Many, mostly men can attest to the fact that once you are in a relationship, there’s no way you cannot not spend money on this day. Woe unto you if your woman expects a grand gesture. It’ll be horrible if you can’t come through for her. And even if she or he doesn’t expect much from you sometimes getting it right takes a toll on you and most importantly on your wallet.

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Getting presents for Valentine’s can be expensive. (

It explains why so many (again mostly men) pull a Houdini act on their women, disappear on the 13th for business or whatever reason only to appear after Valentines. It’s not a good move, but we get how hard the day can be. So we’ve come up with some pointers to show you how and where you can have a cheap Valentines Day , well without looking cheap.

  • Prepare a Hot Date, At Home

This is a sure way to save money and still have quality time with your loved one. Try cooking together. It could be something you do together every day but for Valentines Day, try out some new recipes. A candle lit dinner and a romantic movie afterwards is inexpensive and most if not all couples appreciate the thought it goes into making a romantic night at home.

A photo of a dinner table set for two on Valentine's Day

A romantic spread at home is an inexpensive way to spend Valentine’s (Google Images)

  • Take a Picnic

This is a great way to have fun and spend quality time with your significant other. Prepare good food at home, get a picnic basket and pick a lovely and quiet place to have a lovely afternoon. Nairobi has some beautiful parks and gardens you can try.

  • Enter Valentine’s Day Contests For Great Prizes

Days leading up to Valentines is filled with contests where people win all sorts of gifts. There is no shame in trying them out. You could end up winning a gift you could share with or gift to your loved one. Check out Yululate’s amazing Valentines packages. All you have to do is dine at Caramel restaurant and lounge, review your experience and you and bae stand a chance of winning a stay for two in Diani: Two nights full board at Baobab Resort & Spa, a 3 course candlelit dinner for two at Caramel or a 2 course Lunch menu for two at Caramel.

  • Shop For Bae At a Discount
image of Valentine's Day Sale

Lots of places offer discounts on Valentine’s (Google images)

Like we previously said, days leading up to Valentine’s is filled with offers from different places. Different clothing stores sell at a discount. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your partner great shoes, accessories or clothes at way less than you normally would.

  • You Can’t Go Wrong With Flowers

It’s not much but it’s a lot. When all else fails try something as simple as getting your girl some flowers. Add in some chocolates and you have impressed her. If you’ve been with her long enough she probably understands that the day can be expensive. So chocolates and flowers would be highly appreciated. Those aren’t as expensive.

However you spend the day just try and do something special for your loved one. Doesn’t have to be big, just do something. After all it’s the thought that counts.

Enjoy your Valentines Day


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