Gifting Him this Valentines: Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Man

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Gifting Him this Valentines: Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Man

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Let’s talk Valentines gifts. And no, ladies not what gifts your man can get you, or what you want your friends to give you either.  And this is not about tips on how to get gifts on a budget or what to get yourself if you are single which are plenty by the way .We are talking what you can gift him this coming Sunday because, let’s face it, at some point in time, Valentine’s day started becoming more about the women and less and less about the men.

Sure, there are relationships in which both the man and the woman receive gifts which am all for. I mean, you want him to show you he loves you, don’t you think he wants the same? But it remains that in some relationships, the man usually buys the woman the gifts. It’s even a thing now where his gift has to be better than her gift to him, if at all he gets a gift.

Anyway in the spirit of equality, we at Yululate are advocating to make sure that men have as wonderful a day on Valentines as women will. This will happen partly because you, the women, are going to get them great gifts.

image of a woman giving a man a gift on Valentine's Day

Men enjoy gifts too on Valentine’s Day.
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Unfortunately gifting a man on any day, let alone Valentine’s Day is harder than it sounds. While you are spoilt for choice when gifting women, it’s that much trickier when getting valentines gifts for men. It’s tempting to get him clothes, cologne, a wallet or tie, because these are easy options and take little thought and time on your part. We are not saying they are bad. It’s just that most times, they end up adding to those he already has.

So to make this day a little different and unique, we’ve decided to impart some knowledge on how to get it right when buying him Valentines gifts. You want to give him something he actually wants and will use.

So whether it’s taking him out for some fun activities or attractions, or taking him to a fabulous restaurant, or simply buying him clothes, here are some things you should pay attention to.

  • Do Not Get Him Generic Valentines Gifts

Like we’ve said, items such as ties and wallets are  generic. It makes it seem like you bought stuff just for the sake of buying stuff. Put some thought into it. Standard belt and tie gifts might make him think you don’t even know who he is, his hobbies, his likes and dislikes.

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Buying him clothes as gifts is fine but not always great.
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  • Do Buy Unique, Custom-made Gifts

If you do decide to get him clothes, make sure they are customized just for him. Go for a tailored fit. Make sure they are unique. You don’t want to get him something every other man out there is wearing. Unique and bespoke gifts make them special. He will definitely appreciate it.

  • Do Personalize 

Again if you really must get him that wallet, belt or tie, try personalizing it by having his name engraved. These, just like watches and cufflinks sold by many jewelry stores in Nairobi can be engraved and this personal touch makes all the difference. You may have to give pay a bit more, but his happiness will be worth it right?

  • Do Consider His Hobbies and Interests

When getting your man or any man a gift, make sure you buy what complements his hobbies and interests. If he likes outdoor activities, take him for a weekend getaway away from the city. If he’s into music some nice headphones would be great or a new Xbox or PlayStation for the video games addict.

Cartoon image of a Play Station

If he enjoys gaming then get him and Xbox or PlayStation.
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  • Do Wine and Dine Him

The mistake is in thinking it’s just the man who should take the woman out. For Valentine’s take him to a fancy restaurant or hotel, enjoy some good food and great wine all on you. Do not let him pick up the tab like he probably always does. Some Nairobi restaurants and hotels are running Valentines offers for couples so try them out. If going out isn’t what you like, try cooking a special meal for him at home.  Go all out on the dinner. Try a new recipe, set the table, candles and all.

With these pointers you are ready get him a gift this Valentine’s.  Remember no matter what anyone says, it’s the thought that counts. It doesn’t have to be grand or fancy, it just as to be something.


Enjoy your Valentine’s!

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