Top Skills to Help You Offer Excellent Customer Service

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Top Skills to Help You Offer Excellent Customer Service

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It’s something that’s been said so many times yet hasn’t been said enough. ‘Customer service is key’. It does not matter if your product or service is of the highest quality, if the interaction with the customer isn’t, then you and your business are doomed to fail. For any business, providing customer satisfaction through great customer service should be the ultimate goal.

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Whether big or small, you should look to create a great impression with your customers by creating and maintaining a great relationship with them. What most customers remember long after they’ve left your business establishment is the human interaction they had with your employees. Excellent customer service equals customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Its time to change the misconception that Kenyan businesses have bad customer service culture.

At Yululate, we want your customers to be satisfied with your service, this way they give great reviews. So here are some skills that will go a long way in helping you give excellent customer service.

  1. Know Your Product and service

A customer gets irritated if after every time they ask you about a product or service, they have to wait for you to go ask someone else. Knowing the product or service you are selling and knowing them well ensures that you can confidently answer every question the customer asks. It also helps to know the most frequently asked questions by customers and be ready with the answers.

  1. Ask For Customer Opinions and Feedback

Feedback from customers is very important. It shows you what you are doing is right, and what you aren’t.  After serving a customer, you can ask them about the service. Not only do you get to apologize for bad service (if any), you also get pointers on how to serve them better, the next time. Having your customers review you also works in your favor in trying to better your customer service. Great reviews will show you what you need to continue to do, while bad reviews will show you what you need to improve on. Register your business here, to get reviewed by your customers.

  1. Use the Feedback

Once you receive the feedback, ensure you act on it. Should a customer complain about something in the customer service, fix it immediately. No one wants to come back and receive the same bad service.

  1. Respond As Quickly as Possible

Give your customers timely service and see them get satisfied. Speed is essential in every business. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than being kept waiting for a product or service they have paid for. The worst part is if they are in immediate need of said product or service.

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An upset customer has left a messy message for the poor service rendered.
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  1. Be Patient and Friendly

These go without saying but we’ll say them anyway. When you first meet the customer, smile and give them a warm greeting. Say please and thank you. Being friendly does not cost much but achieves a lot. Same goes with patience. No matter how many questions the customer asks, or how many times they ask, you are to be patient with them. The customer is always right so do not let your frustration show.

  1. Accept and Apologize for Mistakes

While customers expect great service, they also understand no one is perfect so they expect a mistake here and there. When the mistakes occur, acknowledge it and move quickly to correct the mistake. Do not shift blame, simply say sorry, correct it and move on.

  1. Go The Extra Mile For Customers

To cultivate great relationships and help with customer service try and go above and beyond for your customers. Doing more than is expected by your customers earns you their loyalty. Inform regular customers when new merchandise arrives, or set aside for them the merchandise. It also helps to have appreciation days or events for them.

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Customer Service Crossword Concept
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When all is said and done, it’s important to know that news of bad customer service reaches twice as many ears as news of good customer service. Good customer service will cost you way less than bad customer service.

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