Dear Tourist, Wondering What To Do In Nairobi?

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Dear Tourist, Wondering What To Do In Nairobi?

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Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is East Africa’s biggest economy, boasting as one of Africa’s largest hubs for business and culture. Tourists touch down in Nairobi everyday heading out for a safari holidays at the Mara for wildlife attractions or to destinations at the coast. Unfortunately most people have come to believe that it’s just a stopover while you head for a holiday elsewhere. We at Yululate want to change your mind.

The things you can do in Nairobi are some of the most exciting and unique things you can do in the world. Among these is enjoying wildlife and nature without necessarily leaving the city. Nairobi has done what no major city in the world could do, it has blended sites for wildlife attractions with the busy, modern cosmopolitan city.

So maybe you are  here for a few days and wondering what to do in Nairobi, or you need plans for a weekend getaway and can’t leave the city. These are some attractions  and great things to do in Nairobi that’ll give you the chance to experience the adventure of seeing some of the most majestic wildlife in their habitats.

  1. Nairobi National Park.

The park, with its wide open grass plains and backdrop of the city scrapers is one of its kind and is the perfect place to take in a wide range of wild life. Located just 7 kilometers outside the city, tourists can see endangered black rhinos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and diverse bird life.  The Nairobi Safari Walk is a scenic nature trial at the park where you can spot wildlife on foot. You can also walk trails weaving around Hippo pools. The park has several picnic sites so you can take a breather.

image of rhinos at the park

The park is home to different animals including the endangered black rhino.
(Kenya Wildlife Service)

  1. Nairobi Tented Camps

This is the second option for wildlife attractions  for those looking for the thrill of camping in the wild. Located at the National Park, the camp offers an experience to be remembered for a long time. The tents are made to cater to all your needs without losing the authentic safari feel.

The camps are modern yet have a safari feel. (Nairobi Tented Camps)

Tourists are treated to game drives where they can spot some of the animals and meals made to perfection by top Nairobi chefs. You’ll love the thrill of having to see Nairobi’s skyscrapers on one side, and the vast wild land on the other. You get to enjoy a bonfire at night under the beautiful African sky. I wager it is one of the most romantic place you’ll ever visit.

  1. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

At this elephant orphanage, also located near the National Park, you can bond with orphaned and rescued elephants. The elephant nursery is open to the public for one hour a day, between 11am – 12pm. You are given the history each elephant baby, their names, how old they were when they arrived at the orphanage and why and where they were rescued from.

image of elephants and their keeper

The orphanage is home to rescued and orphan Elephants.
(Google Images)

4. Giraffe Center.

The giraffe center is located in one of Nairobi’s leafy suburbs Karen. It is home to hundreds of giraffes. If you are lucky you can spot some zebras and warthogs. The spot is the perfect weekend plan for you, your family and friends. Take as many close up photos with the giraffes. They let you feed them too!  You are assigned a guide who will not only take you around but give you a short lecture on the animals. The nature trail where you can spot indigenous birds and trees is part of the package.

image of tourists feeding giraffes

Tourists feed the giraffes at the center.
(Google Images)

  1. Ngong Hills

If you are looking for breathtaking views and beautiful nature trails, try the Ngong hills. You can enjoy the scenic views of the valleys below and still catch a glimpse of wildlife while you are at it.

Are you convinced yet? Shouldn’t Nairobi be your ultimate tourist destination? When you visit or if you’ve been to these wildlife attractions tell us about your experience by reviewing them here. And we get that not everyone is into wildlife attractions. What else do you like to do when in the city?  Where are your favorite places to visit? Where are all the cool kids hanging out for fun? Suggest below.

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  1. NAIROBI is a pretty awesome city, not only because of its national parks but because of the dynamic lifestyle of the Kenyans, the tasty East African cuisine and the highly talked about clubbing and night life scene. Accommodations there are also very nice and so cheap but in very good quality comforts.

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