Dieting good or bad for you? It’s a piece of cake Nairobi

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Dieting good or bad for you? It’s a piece of cake Nairobi

February is almost over and we’re getting the hang of 2016, so how many resolutions have you already broken? Like most Kenyans this is about the time most diet plans get thrown away. Money lines our pockets and the struggles of January are now old tales you will tell of how you overcame struggles in your life when you were younger.

Well, we’re here with good news. You can have a diet plan that includes cake! Nairobi, let’s savor that for a moment as we sip on our coffee. You can eat cake and still lose weight. Did I hear a Hallelujah? Research now shows that when you go on a diet your body craves exactly what you are denying it.  (Thank God for research and scientists, ey?) This is the main reason why it’s so hard to stick to that diet. See, we all knew it wasn’t your fault. Diets where you deprive yourself of certain food groups or items are unsustainable, says this new research.


The trick to eating your sugary treats and still get that trim look is not to cut out certain foods but simply cut back on them. Craving some sugar and searching for a nice place to have cake? Nairobi does have quite a number. Simply have a piece of it and not on each day of the week.

The best way to keep fit and stick to your diet is instead get a calorie plan. So when you feel like eating in or going out with your friends, don’t feel restricted, simply check what you need to reach your calorie limit then indulge away.

When you deny yourself certain foods especially those that you love, psychologically it affects you and you get negative emotions such as sadness, hunger and even denial. No wonder that kale smoothie makes you so miserable. And no one wants someone with negativity in their aura.


More so, when on diet, food that we love make us happy and taking it in measured amounts is what keeps us fit. Therefore, besides making you happy, cake can also make you healthy.

So maintain that happy face and eat cake! Eat chocolate, get some wine and relax. There is nothing as good or bad foods, food is food and food is good for you especially if its cake.

Do cakes, muffins, cupcakes, dessert treats make your heart go warm each time you pass Valentine’s Cake House? Or you cant keep your eyes off Cake City’s stores? You can love these treats from Yaseena Cakes and still keep fit. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it.

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Charity Murigi
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