The Rise of Office Drinking and Happy Hour Culture

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The Rise of Office Drinking and Happy Hour Culture

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Question, is there a place where drinking at the office is ok? Are there bosses or even employees who keep a bottle of scotch in their offices and during the day and when work gets hard you fix yourself a glass or two? Do they go for office meetings and along with lunch they have a couple of beers, cocktails or even a glass of wine then afterwards go back to work? If so which companies do they work for and are they hiring? I’m only slightly joking. This week Yululate wants to explore the rising culture of office drinking and happy hour.

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Happy hour anyone? (Google Images)

Arguably the best, beloved office ritual by many people, happy hour is becoming more common in offices, with happy hour on Friday being most popular. It’s a time to blow off steam over a couple of beers or several glasses of wine with colleagues. It’s sort of like therapy, especially if you’ve had a long day at work.

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Why therapy when you can afford Happy Hour?
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Office drinking however hasn’t caught on as fast as happy hour and it probably won’t. For obvious reasons most companies would prefer to have their employees sober, at least until the end of the day.

Did you guys watch AMC’s Tv series Mad Men? It was was my life. I was obsessed with the show and I never missed an episode for the seven seasons. I think like most people, I was fascinated with the creative ad ideas that seemed to have been made up on the spot (I swear at some point I was convinced I was going into advertising), the fashionable clothes, the fancy restaurants and hotels and best of all the drama. But for most people the drinking is what did it for them. Don Draper made it look so cool!

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Don Draper made drinking look cool.
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Obviously no one drinks that much especially not in the office, right? In most companies what you don’t expect to find is a liquor cabinet or a keg stand. Instead you will most always find a water dispenser and if you are very lucky, a pot of coffee that never runs out. But companies are embracing the happy hour culture with some going as far as having bars in their offices so their employees can partake in the ritual after work. Most have a regular pub or bar they meet up in after work.


The ritual has become a time for employees to bond in a more social setting. Colleagues who normally wouldn’t interact at work have an opportunity to get to know each other better. This strengthens bonds, unifying colleagues. Some companies are so big, sometimes colleagues who work in different departments go for a whole day or even week without seeing each other. Happy hour helps them reconnect.

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Catch up with colleagues during happy hour. (

It is also helpful for the boss who gets to have fun with his/her employees. Ever hear that expression no one likes their boss? If we are being honest, we all see our boss as that stuffy man/woman who can fire you at a moment’s notice. We always try and avoid them at work. So it’s nice to see him/her outside the office, with a drink in his/her hand, cracking jokes with the rest of the team. It somehow makes him human right? Like we can even be friends. Or not. Maybe that’s pushing it. But it makes them likable.

Happy hour is also a time to exchange ideas and get advice. Since you probably don’t interact with some of your colleagues as much during the day, this is the time to get their take on some of the ideas you are working on at work. You can also get advice with some of the challenges you are facing.

Companies are now embracing the happy hour culture with the hope that it will strengthen their teams and improve productivity at work. If you haven’t considered it then we suggest you jump on the band wagon. Here are our recommendations on where to host your office happy hour.

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Enjoy your happy hour.
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Does your company have happy hours? Where do you guys meet for happy hour? Let us know below and don’t forget to review those spots.

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