Bucket List Ideas, Experience Them in Nairobi

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Bucket List Ideas, Experience Them in Nairobi

A bucket list as a list of things you need or want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. (Watch the movie The Bucket List). I have been told that my to-do bucket list of travelling all over the world, drinking all the best wines and eating all the best food in the world’s best restaurants is a tad unrealistic. So while that is on the back burner, I have since edited my list to travel all over Kenya and eat and drink in some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Kenya. And I’m starting by finding things to do in Nairobi.

The main reason behind bucket lists for most people is to have new experiences under their belt before they die. The key word being experience. At the end of the day, it is the experience that matters.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up with how much an experience is going to cost us, we miss out on it completely. It’s been said that experience is worth more than money will ever be. It is better for you to do it yourself rather than to hear about it.

image of three people jumping off a plane for a bucket list experience

Jumping off a plane sounds like a great experience for your bucket list (Google Images)

We at Yululate are encouraging you to start ticking off all the experiences you want to have. The best part about these experiences, you can have them with your loved ones because, what’s a great experience if you can’t share them with the people that matter? Even better is that these experiences can be had in Nairobi. So whether it’s having great food in the best hotels in Nairobi, or travelling to tourist attraction sites in the city, you don’t have to wait until retirement or when you have a boatload of money. These are our recommendations for some fun activities to do in Nairobi.


Stand under waterfalls at the Karura Forest. Why wait to see the world’s greatest waterfalls when you can stand under one only 10 km from Nairobi. Karura is the perfect place for a nature walk with family and friends after which you can cool off under the waterfall. The best thing about this tourist attraction is that it’s only Ksh200 to gain entrance. The experience is more than worth the pay.

image of waterfalls in things to do in Nairobi

It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s in Nairobi….enjoy Karura waterfalls (Google Images)

Take a hike, and experience the beauty that is the Ngong hills. For some, the ultimate dream is to hike up Mt Kenya. This is a far more affordable and convenient option you can do in Nairobi with your family and friends. Catch incredible views of the beautiful landscapes and scenery plus the wildlife in their habitat. It might not be a hike up Mt Kenya but it’s an experience you won’t forget in a long time.

image of hikers at Ngong Hills

Take a hike in Ngong Hills for an experience you will not forget.
(Google Images)

Ice Skate in the city. If this is in your bucket list, Panari Sky Center along Mombasa Road can help you live this dream. Sort of. Panari hosts Kenya’s first ice skating rink and is the perfect opportunity to skate away your afternoon with friends or family.

image of people skating at Panari

Skating should definitely be on your bucket list..(Google Images)

So it’s not snowing, its close enough right? It’s a great plan if you can’t afford to travel to places that have snow. Experience the joy or pain of falling down on ice together with family and friends.

Sleep under the stars in world class camps. Kenya has numerous camps that offer camping experiences in the wild. One such camp is Nairobi Tented Camp. If you’ve ever wanted to sleep under the beautiful sky surrounded by magnificent landscape, then this is the place to go. The entire stay is romantic so you can take your better half along for the experience.

image of Nairobi tended camps as part of activities to do in Nairobi

Sleep under the stars at Nairobi Tented Camps (Google Images)

Lastly we must insist that you visit the Nairobi National Park. This should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you live in Nairobi or are visiting, take time to enjoy the blend of this wildlife attractions with the busy, modern cosmopolitan city. No major city in the world has it so you know it’s special.

image of Nairobi national park

This is an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list. (Google Images)

This new month, check out our attractions and activities and get some fantastic bucket list ideas or better yet, if you already have one, use our suggestions on what to do in Nairobi and tick off the experiences from your list one by one.

Remember to review the places and activities here. What’s on your bucket list? Let us know on our comments section.


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