Biggest Lesson from Seve Gat, The Girl Who PhotoShopped Herself to China

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Biggest Lesson from Seve Gat, The Girl Who PhotoShopped Herself to China

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Over the weekend social media was full of photos of one Seve Gat, where she had photo shopped herself into several destinations in China. It was hilarious and she quickly became an internet sensation and the punching line in many jokes.

Seve Gat's

Seve Gat’s photoshopped herself leaving at the airport for China. (Facebook Images)

Seve Gat's

Seve Gat’s photoshopped herself on the Great wall of China (Facebook Images)










We don’t know if she was genuinely trying to lie or if it was just a ploy to get famous. Either way, Seve Gat had a dream to visit China and the only way she could do it was through photoshop. She soon had the last laugh when her fat dream became reality after a an entrepreneur on Facebook rallied his friends to help her achieve her dream of vacationing in China.


This got us thinking about how so may dreams, opinions, or thoughts are left unsaid. Perhaps the biggest lesson we learnt from the whole Seve Gat incident, apart from the importance of photoshop skills is that you should always speak up.

In most cases the reason most people do not speak up about their dreams, thoughts or opinions is out of fear of ridicule, embarrassment or exposure. How many times have you kept to yourself your dream, thoughts or opinions? How many times have you suffered through lame service but because you were afraid, you simply put up with it.

This week, Yululate is encouraging you to voice your dreams, opinions and thoughts. You never know you might just get lucky and get heard. The best part about speaking up is that you have so many platforms to do it on. From social media sites to business review websites, you can be heard on so many platforms.

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Speak Up and Be Heard
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By speaking up you may get the help you need. Some people are generous and connected. And when they hear of your dream, they may help you realize it. Just like Seve Gate was helped by friends. So is it a tourist destination, or eating at a fancy restaurant or hotel? Just voice it, you might get lucky. You can also get better services and goods if you give your opinion if you find them lacking.

Your opinion or thoughts can force people or businesses to be accountable. Talking about bad service or products ensures that the people involved rectify their mistakes. They follow-up with conversations and provide accountability.  This is why reviewing  products and services is very important.

By speaking out, you also inspire and help others to speak out. Your dreams and subsequent action shows others that they can do the same. Sometimes people just need to see somebody else voice their dreams and opinions or thoughts for them to follow suit. By speaking about bad or great services or products others get the information they need to make decisions while purchasing these services and products.

Take a chance and voice your dreams, opinions and thoughts on the different platforms available to you.

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