Why Business Review Platforms are Important for Consumers

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Why Business Review Platforms are Important for Consumers

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Taxi service Uber, in Nairobi cannot seem to catch a break. Looks like the troubles and controversies facing the taxi service are not about to end soon. A few weeks after they hit the headlines following a turf war between them and their counterparts in Nairobi, a woman sparked off yet another controversy when she posted a scathing business review on social media about her experience using their service.

Over the weekend, Njeri Ngunjiri posted on Facebook about her ordeal dealing with one of Uber’s  driver whom she alleges, mistreated her when she took his car home.

Image of a Facebook business review by a customer who used Uber.

A Facebook business review by a customer who used Uber. (Facebook)

image of a Facebook business review by a customer who used Uber.

A Facebook business review by a customer who used Uber. (Facebook)

After her allegations, Kenyans took to social media to demand that the accused be held accountable over his actions.  Uber and the accused driver have not responded to the allegations and it is yet to be confirmed if the claims are true or not. Njeri’s complaint is not the first of its kind. Kenyans have lived and continue to live through bad experiences with Kenyan businesses. Whether it’s with restaurants, financial services or professional services.

Every day, Kenyans face mistreatment from businesses which sometimes get away with it. The misconception that Kenyans cannot do much about it has made some businesses ‘untouchable’ and they continue to remain unaccountable for their less than stellar services and products. It’s partly why Kenya has bad customer service. This is however changing, with social media becoming more popular by the day. A tweet or post concerning business review has the ability to spark conversations about said services and products. Online reviews have served to make the businesses more careful when providing these services and products.

image of a business review message written using sauce complaining of bad service

An example of a business review that went viral on social media.
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While social media is a great platform to raise concerns and or complaints about these businesses, the importance of business review platforms remains. Consumers need a place where they can express their thoughts and let their voice be heard without fear of ridicule or judgement. The beauty with business review websites is that being a third party, they are not subject to influence by the businesses being complained about or competitors of the businesses.

A consumer is free to say how or what they felt about a business, its services and products on a business review website without the fear that someone will hijack those sentiments to use them for their own benefit. It has been known to happen sometimes on social media. A complaint made against a business can take a life of its own after malicious parties run with it, fuel the hate and manage to trend it in an attempt to bring down said business.

The independence that business review websites have will ensure that the real complaint is published and passed on to the business as is. This is unlike other platforms like businesses social media platforms, where the consumers’ negative review can be deleted and or not published in order to preserve the business’s image.

At the end of the day, reviews, complaints and applauds posted on business review platforms are important not just for the consumer. Yes, the consumer has a voice and a place to demand for better services and products, but the business also gets information concerning what their consumers like, do not like and would like changed. This is important information for either a small business or a big business that will help them become customer centric and therefore become better.

Do you have a bad or great experience with a business in Kenya you would like to share? Leave your reviews here and let the rest of Kenya know what you think. You can also go through other people’s reviews by browsing through businesses listed on Yululate.

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