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Our goal has always been to make your experiences as a consumer convenient and easy.  We act as a directory so you can search and find any business in any category near you. We have also given you an opportunity to tell other Kenyans what you think about businesses and their services and products on our business review platform. We want to take it to another level on Introducing Menus.

We are officially the only business review website in Kenya to have menus. You can now see what restaurants in Nairobi have on their menus before you go out to eat. is giving you a chance to decide what you want to eat and how much you’ll pay for your meal before heading out to the hotel or restaurant.

gif of a woman eating on

Be on your way to moments like this with menus of different restaurants and hotels in Nairobi (Google Images)

The menus have been uploaded alongside the businesses’ profile. You can view what they have to offer and their specials alongside reviews from other diners. The best part is it’s not just restaurants on our website that now have menus, bars and pubs, hotels in Nairobi, cafes as well as fast food joints have their menus up too.

So if you are sitting home and want to order food but don’t know what to get or how much it’ll cost, worry no more because we’ve got you covered.

Meeting up with friends for coffee at a Java in Nairobi? Simply browse through their menu and decide what you want you want.

image of Nairobi Java menu on

Check out the entire Java menu as well as their kids menu on

You can also browse through Java’s kids menu on

If Chinese food tickles your fancy then search for restaurants like Chinese Plate Restaurant and see what they have to offer from their menu.

image of Chinese Plate restaurant menu on

Part of the menu from Chinese Plate Restaurant. See more on

This Nairobi heat is taking a toll on us, something cold would be great right? Pick whichever ice cream flavor you want from Cold Stone Creamery. Their menu has a wide selection of yummy treats.

image of Cold Stone Creamery menu on

Cold Stone Creamery have their menu on (Image credit- Cold Stone)

Brew Bistro and bars and pubs like it also have drinks menus alongside their business profiles on See their selections of drinks and enjoy your night out.

Gentlemen, ever taken your lady out then they took forever to decide what they want? Or worse they pick something ridiculously expensive you had not budgeted for. Now both of you can decide where you will eat and pick what you will have off of the menus before heading out. You can be prepared and avoid embarrassment when the cheque comes.

We could go on about how great it is to finally have menus on the website but we won’t. So browse through them yourself and let us know what you think. When you finally decide what to eat and where to eat please remember to review the places here. Also check out where to eat and travel this Easter on’s food and travel section.

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