Reviewing A Business, How To Give Effective Feedback

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Reviewing A Business, How To Give Effective Feedback

Good customer service is every customer’s expectation when they use the services and products of any business. This however isn’t always the reality. You always expect the business in question to go above and beyond to give you the best experience. So what do you do when you get bad customer service? You complain and ask for better. The thing about our complaints is they are not always very helpful. Who can honestly say they always given helpful and effective feedback?

Consumers have many places to voice their opinions about bad customer service, common being on social media and business review websites. Sometimes, out of anger and frustration at awful customer service, you end up giving negative feedback that doesn’t really help anyone forgetting that your feedback is usually a learning opportunity for the business. They will use it to gauge what they are doing wrong in order to change for the better.

Businesses don’t always come up to scratch with their services and products. Since man or in this case a business, is to err it’s up to you the consumer to give effective feedback. This week Yululate is giving you pointers on how to do it so that even when you are angry and frustrated and want to vent, you can still help out a business.

  • If You See It, Say It

How many time have you gone to a restaurant or hotel and suffered through lame service or ate bad food in silence? The best and effective way to get better service is to mention it immediately when you think you are not getting it. Sitting through it only makes you angrier. Say it when you see it so something can be done immediately. You will have not only saved other customers from experiencing the same bad service but you will also save the business from losing these customers. It is also effective feedback since you get to talk to the employee or manager directly. Remember, feedback delayed is feedback denied.

image of a glass of wie with caption describing effective feedback

Timely feedback is effective feedback, it doesn’t improve over time like wine. (google Images)

  • Identify The Facts

We have all seen those rants online that go on forever but don’t really mention the important issue. Social media, great as it is has unfortunately given some the opportunity to attack anyone or anything just for the sake of attacking.  Mentioning the facts while reviewing or complaining about a business is helpful and makes for effective feedback. Identify exactly where the business failed and the consequences that resulted. If the business doesn’t know exactly what you are complaining about, it will not know what or where to change. Do not be vague. No one knows what to do without specifics.

  • Be Honest
image of a meme about honest in giving effective feedback

Being honest in your feedback is great for businesses. (Google Images)

When a business asks for feedback by asking you to review its best to be as honest as possible. If their services and products are great, be honest about it but if you think they could use an improvement then tell them. Remember, this is a learning opportunity and they can’t change if you aren’t honest about what you think. Do not make up reviews or opinions about a business, attractions or activities. Honest feedback is effective feedback.

  • Be Objective, Sometimes It’s You

While there are instances where poor customer service is clearly evident, there are some cases where YOU are the problem. Imagine you are calling a business inquiring about professional services but you can’t seem to say what you need or want. It can get frustrating for an employee if they have to ask over and over what you need or want. Later you will be tempted to complain about how they were rude or not helpful. Don’t. Not until you’re sure you are being objective and that you are not just giving negative feedback just because you are angry. Yes the customer is always right, except when they aren’t.

customer service meme on effective feedback

Being objective ensures you give effective feedback. (Google Images)

  • It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Negative

Gotten great service or product lately? Why don’t you laud that business? Reviews and opinions don’t always have to be negative. Whether you are at the salon or the garage and are happy after you leave, let them know. You will be showing them what they are doing right so they can keep at it and you will be letting others know about great places they probably did not know about.

Want to give effective feedback about a business in any sector, Yululate by reviewing them here. You can also read on how to write great reviews from our blog. Please let us know other ways of giving effective feedback by commenting down below.

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