Yululate Events: Food Tasting Party, Online Menus & Jazz

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Yululate Events: Food Tasting Party, Online Menus & Jazz

Image of guests at Yululate Tasting Party

Good food, drinks, awesome music and great company makes for a fun night and some very happy people, we found out on Thursday. Trust us, our Food Tasting Party at Slims Restaurant was lit, it has us thinking we need to have another event as soon as possible. I mean it’s a FOOD tasting event, you can’t go wrong!! We officially announced the availability of restaurant menus on our website to food bloggers, foodies and journalists.


The night started out with the guests mingling and getting to know each other over drinks. Foodies have a lot of food jokes guys. It’s almost like they are food enthusiasts. Lol. (Forgive the lame attempt at a joke).


Some of our guests during the Yululate Tasting Party at Slims restaurant

Guests were taken through the process of accessing menus on our website which is very easy by the way. Menus of different Nairobi restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast food joints, bars and pubs can now be accessed alongside their profiles, reviews, and contact information on our website.

image of Slims Menu

Slims Restaurant menu. It is now available online on www.yululate.com

One of Yululate’s goals is to provide all the important information that influences your decision when searching for businesses that offer great products and services making the process as convenient as possible. We believe a menu is vital information when deciding where to dine. We could go on about how it’s great to know where and what to eat before going out or how it’s also great knowing how much you’ll spend on the food and how convenient online menus are for when you want to order in. But we won’t. Instead, we will direct you to a blog post where we talk about all that and so much more.


Back to the event, Slims restaurant also launched their new menu and guests had fun trying out the new dishes. What’s great about a food tasting event? The food!!

image of a man eating meat

Irvin Jalang’o tries to guess what’s in one of Slims dish during the Yululate Tasting Party

Slims is best known for their awesome buffalo wings but their new dishes are going to give the wings a run for their money (or is it a fly for their money..get it?).


image of food at Slims Restaurant

The food at Slims Restaurant is so yummy

We highly recommend you check out the restaurant and if the food doesn’t do it for you, then their passion mojito or cosmopolitan which we had a chance to sample will definitely do it. They’re insanely good!!


They also have a live jazz band that gives Grammy worthy performances.

image of a man singing during Yululate Tasting Party

Afro Sync band is legit!!! Play at Slims restaurant for their Jazz Tuesdays…

A few drinks, great food and of course a lot of laughter later, the event sadly came to an end. It was a great night and we hope to have more events like it. Follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram and look out for info on the next event.

image of people holding Tshirts at Yululate Tasting Party

Of course we had to give our guests some goodies!!!

If you are not feeling the restaurant vibe this weekend, you can get many more ideas on what to do from our list of activities and attractions in Nairobi. Do not forget to review them. Check out more photos from the event here and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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