Affordable and Creative Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

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Affordable and Creative Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

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Brace yourselves, Mothers Day is here and posts about moms are about to flood social media even though most moms are not on social media. But it’s the thought that counts right? It’s the day meant to celebrate and or honor mothers, mother figures and motherhood.  But really, one day isn’t enough for us to celebrate our moms for all they do. It’s not even an official holiday. I mean can we get the day off or something? Ok maybe not all of us. Can moms get the day off?

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Not all superheroes wear capes..(Google Images)

At Yululate, we understand that there isn’t a gesture or words grand enough to show how much you appreciate your mom. The point however, is to try and do something special for her because, despite Sunday being recognized as Mothers Day, every day should be a celebration of mothers. We have come up with a couple of affordable ideas to show your mom that you appreciate and love her.

  1. Take Her Out For Dinner

This is a small gesture but will be highly appreciated by your mom. Imagine all those times she made you dinner. Return the favor by taking her out for some great food. For mothers day, let her get pampered during the day at a spa or salon then get dressed up at night and take her to a fancy restaurant or hotel for her favorite meal. The best part about this is you can make it a family affair by getting the entire family to join her. For one night she can relax and get served by others for a change.

Interior of Urban Eatery where you can have dinner for Mothers Day

How about dinner at Urban Eatery for your mom on Mothers Day?

You are in luck, we have reviews of the best restaurants and hotels in Nairobi. See which one would tickle your mom’s fancy.

  1. Weekend Getaway Anyone?

A lot says you love your mom but we think a trip out of town for the weekend would make it a little bit clearer. God knows moms never get any down time and mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Nairobi Tented Camp have great offers for a chance to spend the night in the wild.

image of Nairobi tended camps as part of activities to do in Nairobi for mothers day

Let her sleep under the stars at Nairobi Tented Camps on Mother’s Day

Zakale Expeditions also have great tours in and out of the country. Your mom will not be disappointed. And if you are not feeling either of them you can browse through our activities and attractions list and make Mothers day unforgettable for her.

image of a mom carrying a child on Mothers Day

They don’t always get down time so gift her some time to herself this Mothers Day

  1. Flowers and Cards

These are the most affordable options for mothers day especially for those who won’t be able to find a lot of time to plan something bigger. Find the best florists in town and get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and find a card with a special message. Or you could make the card yourself. The thought and effort that goes into that will be much appreciated. Get everyone in the family to sign it.

  1. Shopping Spree

‘I don’t want to shop,’ said no woman ever!! Even your mom. Let her go crazy by shopping till she drops this mothers day.

image of a woman saying she loves shopping on Mothers Day

Shopping would make for a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day…trust us

Shopping is therapeutic and unfortunately most moms don’t get the time to do it enough and sometimes they don’t always have the money. So gift her with shopping vouchers from jewelry or clothing stores.

  1. Mothers Day Video Message

This gift will last forever. Document her mother’s day messages from everyone in the family in a video and watch her tear up while she watches it. She can save it and watch it every time she wants to feel loved. She can also watch it every time you annoy her and remind herself why she loves you. Lol

What’s the ideal mothers day gift? Are you getting her something? Let us know on the comments section and be sure to get more ideas from our Lifestyle, Food and Travel pages. You can also get some ideas on our blog on unique things to do in Nairobi and do them with your mom. And if you were planning on not doing anything for her, here are some commercials to tug on your heart strings. They are guaranteed to have you calling your mom after you watch them.

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