Yululate Hacks: Foods That Keep You Warm

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Yululate Hacks: Foods That Keep You Warm

Rain, rain, rain everywhere!!! It’s been a couple weeks of cold, dreary weather and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’s about to get any warmer. We have taken to fighting off the brutal weather with layers of clothing, and a lot of hot drinks. Walk into restaurants in Nairobi and you will see people grabbing a cup of coffee or tea to warm up. Most mornings most of us just want to curl up into a ball and stay under the covers but alas! We have a nation to build. While coffee or tea certainly do the trick, there are other foods you can eat to stay warm.

This is a list of Yululate’s suggestions of the foods that’ll help make this weather more bearable alongside the restaurants in Nairobi where you can indulge in them.

  1. Soups
Image os soup available in restaurants in Nairobi

Soups are the go to foods to keep warm. (Google Images)

This is the obvious choice for this cold weather. Best part is they are easy to make and you can carry it around in a flask and have it during the day. Add beans and meat to any soup to get extra protein. Pablos at the Best Western Hotel has the best tomato soup. Going out for dinner? Try their soup and let us know what the fuss is about.

  1. Whole grain

Whole grain foods such as brown rice, barley, and oats give your body the warmth it needs and prevents you from slowing down during this cold season.  Try a hearty breakfast of oat meal in the morning and watch yourself brave this awful weather. It’s healthy too! Some of the restaurants in Nairobi that provide whole grain breakfast include Art café and the Zen Garden Restaurant.

  1. Ginger Tea
ginger is found in restaurants in Nairobi

Add ginger to your tea to stay warm. (Google Images)

This magical root will not only help you keep warm, but it’ll help keep you free from diseases. There’s a reason it is suggested when you have a cold. And we all know tis the season of colds.  You can also add ginger to your homemade curries. The ginger with honey and lemon drink is very popular with patrons in restaurants in Nairobi. Java cafes serve theirs in big mugs you might not be able to finish it. Need an after work plan with your friends? Check them out and review their drink here.

  1. Nuts

These are not only yummy, they are healthy. Cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts make for great snacks and they are guaranteed to keep you warm. So instead of carrying unhealthy snacks to work, carry nuts instead. You can enjoy salads with nuts in some restaurants in Nairobi. We suggest you try Tin Tin restaurants.

  1. Pepper

Turn up the heat with peppers and chili this cold season. Capsaicin contained n peppers causes a warming sensation throughout your body so you know you it’ll be hot. Pun intended. Apart from staying warm, there are tons of reasons why you should be eating it. Check them out here. Urban Eatery and DusitD2 are examples of restaurants in Nairobi that serve spicy foods with chili and peppers.

image of food in restaurants in Nairobi

Want Spicy Mexican, Italian, Indian or Chinese? Try Urban Eatery. (Google Images)

  1. Cinnamon and Cumin

Spices like cinnamon and cumin help increase the body’s metabolism and generate heat. These are perfect for this weather. Almost all restaurants in Nairobi use them in their meals so you know you are sorted. You can also buy them from supermarkets and try including them in you homemade meals.

  1. Eggs
eggs served in restaurants in Nairobi

Eggs keep you warm and keep your energy levels up. (Google Images)

During this cold season having eggs can help not only keep you warm but keep your energy levels up. You can have it boiled, sunny side up, eggs benedict or a fluffy omelet. Or you can try having brunch that will include delicious runny poached eggs at Seven Seafood and Grill, located at ABC place. Read reviews from people who’ve been there on our website.

  1. Porridge

Finally, our last suggestion is easy to make and will keep you very warm. This is an obvious choice and is served in some restaurants in Nairobi. Try a calabash of porridge at Hot Dishes Restaurant. It has been highly rated by other customers.

image of porridge served in restaurants in Nairobi

Porridge is filling and keeps you warm. (Google Images)



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