Yululate Tips: 4 Ways To Market Your Business Using Your Yululate Page

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May 19, 2016

Yululate Tips: 4 Ways To Market Your Business Using Your Yululate Page

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For small and medium businesses, sometimes finding the time, money or staff to create and execute marketing strategies can be hard. With digital marketing quickly becoming the norm, most SMEs are missing out on business opportunities. This is because they lack the resources and skills to digitally market themselves. Yululate wants to help SMEs bridge the digital divide and get noticed by consumers.

Here are four simple and affordable tips to kick start your marketing efforts with Yululate.

  1. Reviews
Image of a review banner. Yululate lets customers review a business

Great reviews act as a marketing tool. (Google Images)

Being reviewed is one way of marketing your business. When consumers search for you online, they look for reviews to see what others are saying about you. Having reviews increases your chances of being picked by consumers when they are looking for goods and services you offer. When they review you, they spread the word about your business, your great services and awesome products. Yululate offers businesses a platform where they can be rated and reviewed. All you have to do is register and tell your customers you are on Yululate.

  1. Advertising

Advertising on traditional platforms such as newspapers, Tv and radio is not only expensive, they are not always effective. Businesses end up spending a lot of money yet the return on investment isn’t great.  With Yululate, you get to advertise to a targeted audience to ensure you are seen by the people who are looking for you. In addition to being placed according to category on our website, the banner ads also appear according to location. For example if you are a mechanic shop in Westlands, your ad comes up every time a customer in Westlands searches for autos services.

  1. Promotion on Social Media

Having a social media presence is very important and Yululate helps you with that. We have a large following on social media and by partnering with us, you get a chance to market yourself, your goods and services, your events and product launches to thousands of our followers on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

Image of Yululate social media icons

Yululate helps you market yourself on social media. (Google Images)

  1. SEO

In an era where consumers are constantly searching for services and products online, it is important for a business to be visible when consumers search for the on search engines. Businesses get an optimized page on our website. We add as many keywords as possible related to your business and the services and products you offer. This increases the chance of your business ranking well on search engines. Even if a business doesn’t have a website, they are still able to be seen online.

Image of SEO services offered by Yululate

We optimize your business page to help with SEO. (Google Images)

As a business, especially a small or medium sized business, you need all the help you can get with your marketing. Yululate offers you these and any more marketing opportunities. Step up your marketing efforts by joining Yululate. If you need any more information you can leave us a comment below.

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