Yululate Campaigns: Write for a Prize

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May 16, 2016
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Yululate Campaigns: Write for a Prize

Iage poster of the Yululate Write for a prize campaign. Users are rewarded for reviewing businesses and services on Yululate

We’ve got news guys. Yululate is taking the idiom penny for your thoughts to a whole new level. We want to reward you for your thoughts and in our case the reward is way more than a penny.

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Easy money anyone? (Google Images)

This month (perhaps longer), Yululate is running a campaign, Write for a Prize where you stand a chance of winning a shopping or meal voucher worth Ksh 1,000 every week. All you have to do is review a business you visited recently on yululate.com

Gif of a man saying i'm listening to the Yululate capmaign

Yes, we want to reward your thoughts…(Google Images)

You heard right, well you read right :). Review a business on Yululate and you could be our lucky winner. We want all the details about the business, their services and products. Whether good or bad, let us know.

It’s easy too, register or login to Yululate and write away. It can be  a review of any business in any category like the autos industry, food and travel, professional services, or even health and medical services. The best part is, we have registered thousands of local businesses on the website so all you need to do is hit the search button, find the business you are looking for and get reviewing.

Image of Yululate home page

Look up local businesses on our Yululate home page, review them and win!! (Yululate)

Your review has to be well written with at least 50 words. The winner will be announced on our social media platforms every Friday, starting next week so follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is your chance to vent about awful service and products or laud great service and products from our local businesses and get rewarded for doing so. It’s a win-win situation, get writing and review a business here.

Image of Yululate campaign gif

Write and win!!! (Google Images)

What do you think about Yululate’s campaign? Do you have questions? Please let us know on the comments section below.

Zeddy Kosgei
Zeddy Kosgei
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