A Week of Music, Food and Drinks at Top Nairobi Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

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A Week of Music, Food and Drinks at Top Nairobi Restaurants, Bars and Pubs

food and drinks at top Nairobi restaurants

Nairobi is becoming the city that never sleeps. It feels and sounds like there is always a party or an event happening around the corner, every night of the week. Don’t believe me? Check out Nairobi restaurants, bars and pubs, they are never not filled with patrons. A testament that Nairobians love a good time.

Image of man partying at Nairobi Restaurants

Nairobians be like….(Google Images)

We love hanging out after work, to forget the long day, catch up with friends or to celebrate. There’s always something to celebrate in Nairobi. To help you choose an after work plan, Yululate is highlighting some popular events at 3 popular Nairobi restaurants, bars and pubs.

  • Monday

Monday is arguably the worst day of the week, on account of the body and soul trying to adjust to work after a relaxing weekend.

Nairobi restaurants are the best places to get over Mondays

Most people on Monday..(Google Images)

From the many #MondayBlues posts on social media, we think a lot of people would agree. It’s therefore great to grab a quick one at any Nairobi restaurants, bars and pubs with friends or alone after the day.  We suggest Caramel Restaurant and Lounge. They have what they call Therapy, After Work Cure. Unwind, mingle and network at the restaurant from 5 -8 pm and enjoy half price on preferred drinks. Sounds like a great way to get over Monday no?

  • Tuesday

Getting the hang of the week yet? Brew Bistro Lounge have an after work plan we think would help. From 5 pm to midnight every Tuesday, the popular joint has a BYOW+BYOB event. That’s Bring Your Own Wine and Build Your Own Burger.

Image of burgers at Nairobi restaurants

Enjoy burgers and wine at Brew Bistro Lounge.

They allow you to bring in your own wine, bought at a discount at their wine shop and you get to choose your own toppings for your burger.

  • Wednesday

You’re halfway through the week. That is cause for celebration right? Well celebrate over mojitos at the Brew Bistro Lounge. It’s happy hour on all mojitos at the lounge. You can also dance out the day’s stress with salsa music. Ladies, given its ladies night you might want to check out Caramel Restaurant and Lounge on Wednesday from 6 pm. They offer you a complimentary glass of bubbles when you get there and you can enjoy half priced signature cocktails. There’s a reason they are one of our favorite Nairobi restaurants.

Image of a Nairobi restaurant

Caramel is just the place to have a ladies night out

  • Thursday

The end is near…,the end of the week we mean. So treat yourself to some contemporary jazz and mojito specials at a top Nairobi restaurants in this case, Caramel Restaurant. The Saxobeats and mojitos night from 8 pm on wards is so awesome, you need to make reservations early enough. They however allow walk-ins. You can also enjoy a night of the best drinks at Brew Bistro with Bottles Night on Thursday so check them out and usher in Friday, a happy camper.

  • Friday

It’s here!!!

Frida celebration at Nairobi restaurants

It’s Friday,lets celebrate..(Google Images)

Friday couldn’t come fast enough and we’ve got a plan to help you celebrate. Slims Restaurant have a Saxobeat and Martinis night from 6 pm and you get complimentary tapas and shots. Their up tempo electro jazz beats and sublime sundowner martinis will help you kickstart your weekend. Or you could party at Brew Bistro their night, House Arrest Friday has been described as a lot of fun.

  • Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday is meant for relaxation. On Saturday we suggest a night of eating and drinking at Brew Bistro from 7-10 pm or a night of jazz and wine from 7.30-11 pm at Slims Restaurant.

Enjoy a Saturday night at top Nairobi restaurant

Enjoy drink on a Saturday night at Slims Restaurant

Take it easy on Sunday with Brew Bistro’s Mimosa madness from 11 am-4 pm. They have an unlimited mimosa and brunch package you and your friends would love.

Check out what people are saying about these Nairobi restaurants, bars and pubs on yululate.com and leave a review of your own for a chance to win a shopping or meal voucher. Know any fun places Nairobians can spend a fun evening during the week? We would love your suggestions in the comments section below. Be sure to check out our list of fun activities and attractions you can partake in in Nairobi.


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