Activities to Enjoy in Nairobi on Madaraka Day

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Activities to Enjoy in Nairobi on Madaraka Day

Celebrate Madaraka Day with some fun activities in Nairobi

Happy Madaraka Day everyone!!! Kenya sure has come a long way and we have every reason to celebrate. Who knows best about all things celebration than Yululate? No one, that’s who. If it was up to us, the holiday would fall on a Monday or Friday, you know, just to get a long weekend but it doesn’t. And we aren’t complaining. No, any chance we get a day off is welcome to us. That said, the fact that this holiday falls on Wednesday limits us on what to do, where to go..but fret not, Yululate will sort you out.

Yuulate has ideas on what to do on Madaraka Day

Need a plan for Madaraka Day? Yululate has ideas of what to do in Nairobi

We’ve got some ideas on awesome and fun activities to do in Nairobi on Madaraka Day. While most people would enjoy a day or night out at Nairobi’s top restaurants and hotels, we think you should consider these five activities. Best part is your family and friends can join you.

  • Paint Ball

This outdoor activity is our first suggestion for what to do in Nairobi for Madaraka day. If you are up for some running around and trying to get one up on your friends, this is perfect. Nothing like an hour or two of shooting each other (using paint balls obviously) to bring you closer together as friends or family. Sounds like fun right?

Paint ball is an activity to do in Nairobi for Madaraka Day

Paint ball is so much fun..try it for Madaraka Day

Check out Paintball Furry, located at the Nairobi show grounds. They have a large space, dense tree cover and a variety of obstacles to hide behind. It’s awesome. If you won’t take our word for it, read up on reviews by people who’ve been there on

  • Escape gaming
Escape gaming is an example of activity to do in Nairobi for Madaraka Day

Enjoy escape gaming with your family and friends for Madaraka Day

You know how you say you are really close with your friends and would work really well together because you know, you are close? Time to put that to the test with a real escape game. You and your team (family or friends), will try and solve mysteries and clues within a time limit in order to escape. This sounds like a plan for Madaraka Day. If you are feeling it, check out Freeing Kenya for this unique and interactive activity.

  • Go karting

Do you crave speed? Adrenaline inducing, heart racing kind of speed? Then you should have probably been a race car driver. Lol.  But if you fancy speed, (in a safe environment) we want you to try go karting. For Madaraka Day get the thrill of not only driving fast, but racing against your friends or family. On Carnivore Road, there’s a go karting track and they provide you with a helmet, a racing suit and most importantly, a full driver’s briefing to get you going – fast! You can enjoy a great food and drink at their Sports Bar and Restaurant in between or after you race.

Try Go Karting as an activity to do in Nairobi

If you love the thrill of speed,check out Go Karting and enjoy your Madarak Day

  • Biking

Biking isn’t just great exercise, it is so much fun. You and your friends can bike the Karura Forest trail or if you are up for the challenge you could go biking at  Ngong Hills. Enjoy a picnic afterwards as you take in some of the best views in Nairobi.

  • Ice skating

This should be fun, and not just because it is hilarious seeing your friends fall down on their faces several times. Panari Ice Skating Rink is open all week so you know it is the perfect plan on Wednesday to celebrate Madaraka Day in Nairobi. For those who have never tried it, it’s a chance to try out something new and who knows, you may find yourself a new hobby. Charges are inclusive of skates though one is required to carry his own warm clothing and other protective gear including gloves and helmets if needed.

Celebrate Madaraka Day at Panari Ice Rink

Have fun at Panari Ice rink on Madaraka Day

If you need anymore ideas on what to do to celebrate Madaraka Day or where to go, check out our Food and Travel Page where you can see activities, attractions, popular Nairobi restaurants, hotels and even bars and pubs. Just because the holiday falls on in the middle of the week doesn’t mean you cant have fun. You can also read reviews on popular places to  eat, drink and have fun on the website. Leave your reviews as well, for a chance to win Ksh 3,000 worth of shopping and meal vouchers.

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