Yululate Tips: Why Businesses Should Embrace Customer Reviews

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Yululate Tips: Why Businesses Should Embrace Customer Reviews

Image of satisfied customers.Customer reviews are important.

We live in a customer experience era where customers are basing their buying decisions on customer reviews. Having as many reviews as possible is a plus for a business. Even if they are negative reviews, these especially give you opportunity to polish up your skills on customer service and improve your products.

The need for customer review platforms cannot be understated, especially in a country where customer service still has a long way to go. While customer review platforms like Yululate are great for the customer, there is a misconception that they are bad for businesses. This misconception is born out of the fear of negative reviews by businesses.

Image of a review banner. Businesses should ask for customer reviews.

Businesses get so much more than negative reviews from customer reviews. (Google Images)

Customers get to voice their complaints and demand for better services and products on these platforms, holding businesses accountable. But they also get to laud great customer service and great products. Businesses get much more than bad reviews from customer reviews. In fact, the benefits from well managed negative reviews are priceless. Here’s why businesses should ask for and embrace reviews from their customers.

  • You Get Important Feedback

Getting reviewed by customers gives you a chance to find out exactly what they think of you and your services and products. This way you can see places that need improvement in your business. Customer reviews, are a learning opportunity. When asking customers to review you, you can also ask them to add suggestions of what they think could be better. You may find great ideas in them.

  • It’s a Marketing Tool
Image of customers posing with thumbs up. Businesses should ask for customer reviews

When customers review you, they spread the word about how awesome you are. (Google Images)

Having customers review you ensures that they share their experience with others which in turn informs them of your great services and products. Customer reviews come in handy especially since more consumers base their decisions on whether to use your products or services on reviews by other people.

  • Give Information to Potential Customers

As well as being a marketing tool, reviews especially great reviews gives potential customers extra information they would have had to search for. For example, customer reviews can reveal the location of your business or the best meals to order should they come to your establishment.

Image of customers being served. Customer reviews are important

Customer reviews gives new customers all the information they might require..(Google Images)

  • Makes Customers Feel Appreciated

By asking your customers for their opinions and thoughts, you are showing that you value them and that what they think (customer reviews) matters to your business. It always great for a customer to feel that they are involved in shaping your business. Happy customers are loyal customers.

Image of customer review feedback banner

Asking customers what they think makes them happy. (Google Images)

Want to know what your customers are saying? Register your business with Yululate and let your customers know they can write reviews about you, your services and products. You can also read reviews from your customers on the website.


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