Got a Sweet Tooth? Here’s Where to Get Cake in Nairobi

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Got a Sweet Tooth? Here’s Where to Get Cake in Nairobi

Image of a cake in Nairobi

At Yululate, we eat cake every chance we get, because well, it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere:). We, like most of you have a sweet tooth and cake for us equals happiness. You know how they say you can’t buy happiness. Well, you can buy cake in Nairobi and that’s pretty much the same thing. We have even discovered a diet plan that includes cake!! No joke.

Image of cake. We have a list of places to get cake in Nairobi

Cake for days!!! (Google Images)

As you know, cake festival is coming up this Saturday and it is safe to say we are excited!!! Yululate will be there and not just for the cakes, although that’s a big part of it. Can you imagine? All that cake!!

There are many places to get cake in Nairobi.

Us when we heard about Cake festival..(Google Images)

Anyway before cake festival comes around, we want to achieve one of our goals which is to help you discover great places to eat. These are places you can get yummy cake in Nairobi. Go crazy.

Cake city is an award winning Cake Company located in Westlands and when we say they know cake, we mean it.  These guys won several awards at last year’s Cake Festival, a true testament that they are among the best places to grab a piece of cake. If you need a customized Cake, a 3D Cake for a special occasion or even a cartoon themed cake for your kids, Cake city will come through for you.

Cake city is one place to get cake in Nairobi

Cake city has great reviews.

Check out their page on Yululate and read what other cake loving fans are saying about them in their reviews.

This company located in Parklands has many raving with great reviews on their cakes and cookies. If you are health conscious but would still love a piece of cake, Yaseena will make egg-less and gluten free cakes just for you. This should be top choice on where to get healthy cake in Nairobi

Image of cake in Nairobi

Christmas cake anyone?

These guys are famed for their creative cake and dessert designs. But their cakes don’t just look good, they taste great as well. They have a team of experienced and dedicated bakers and caterers with a taste for the sweet things in life. No matter what unique or intricate cake design you want, they are up for the challenge and they will not disappoint you. Looking for cake in Nairobi? Find them at the CBD. Try them and rate and review them here.

This Kilimani based company has such a wide and exquisite types of cakes. They are a fan favorite and have great reviews. The best part about them is you view a price guide on their colorful website, go through designs and order online instead of going to their shop.  They make some of the most creative and delicious cakes around Nairobi. They even offer classes for anyone who wants to bake cake.  We love them, but that’s just us. Discover for yourself how awesome they are by ordering a cake from them. You will not regret it.

Image of cakes. is a great place to get cake in Nairobi

Get these yummy cakes from

Chocolate is great, what’s better is chocolate cake. If all you want is a chocolate cake then The Chocolate Hut is the place for you. As the name suggests, this cake company specializes in chocolate cakes. They will be at the cake festival so if you aren’t able to check them out before then, come down for the festival on Saturday and sample their cakes.

Chocolate cake by chocolate hut. They are a great place to get cake in Nairobi

The chocolate hut are famed for their chocolate cakes.

Fortunately for all of us cake lovers, places to have cake in Nairobi are a dime a dozen. Since we couldn’t list all bakers here you can go through them on our Bakers list on There are just as many cafes that also sell some of the best cake and can also be found on our website.

Like we mentioned earlier, we will be part of this year’s cake festival. It’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s all for a good cause. All the bakers who will be there are now listed on the website and you can review them on the day as you sample their cakes. We will be giving out cake vouchers for the best reviews on the day. In the meantime,check out how you can win tickets to the cake festival on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages. #TwendeCakeFestival.

image of Cake Festival poster.Find cake in Nairobi at the festival

Twende Cake Festival

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