Memories of Kenyan Fathers on Fathers Day

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Memories of Kenyan Fathers on Fathers Day

Image of a father and son. Happy Mens Dayy to all Kenyan men

Fathers Day is coming up on Sunday. How many of you even knew that before now? Somehow compared to mother’s day, father’s day is forgotten by most more often than not. Why is that? Fathers and father figures are just as essential to our development as mothers yet Fathers day doesn’t have as much fanfare as mother’s day. We at Yululate want to remedy that.Fathers have and continue to put in tremendous effort in ensuring we turn out as upstanding adults. We thank them and love them for it.

We want to tell stories of how it was growing up with Kenyan fathers. There are certain Kenyan kids that have hilarious stories to tell about growing up with their fathers. We are among them. The younger generation might not know this but back in the day (makes us sound old but we aren’t), fathers weren’t these cool dads we have now. They parented differently. They had certain traits and behaviors we (now) find hilarious.

For fathers day, in honor of Kenyan fathers and father figures and their amazing efforts in raising us we have come up with some things about our fathers, we laugh about, but were extremely serious back then.

  • Kenyan Fathers THEIR Seats, Cups and Tv remotes

There was that one seat in the house that just belonged to fathers. It did not matter that he was not in the house, it almost felt wrong to sit on his chair. Same goes with his cup. It was unheard of for anyone to use his cup. Also, the tv remote was exclusively his and you all watched what he watched. Worse was when he’d walk in when you are watching something and he would change it to whatever he wanted. It was almost always CNN

Image of a cushion pillow. Fathers day we arecelebrating Kenyan Fathers

He decides what you are watching..that’s final

  • Visiting Day by Kenyan Fathers

We all know how much visiting day means to boarding school kids. You will count down the hours until your family gets there. The thought of the food they were going to bring would make the anticipation even worse. Let’s just say it was something to look forward to. Then comes your father. Under his armpit, he is carrying his newspaper. Only. Sigh.

Image of Obama meme. Kenyan fathers would not bring food for visiting day

When dads come for visiting day…

It was awful being visited by your dad because you just knew he would not carry anything other than his newspaper and if you are really lucky, a measly packet of cold fries. So every beginning of the school term, you left strict instructions that dad wasn’t to visit and if he did, he didn’t do it alone.

  • Shopping with A Kenyan Father

Do you remember shopping for school he would demand a list and budget from you then went ahead and chopped it down to half? Or when you go for family shopping and he would move as far away from the rest of the family until you were done? He would go sit somewhere with his newspaper until the time to pay came.

  • Your Mom Threatens You with Dad
Image of a mom yelling to a boy. On fathers day we remember moms threatening to tell on us to our Kenyan fathers

Moms would threaten to tell your dad if you misbehaved

In every household there is always a bad cop and a good cop with the parents. Back then, dad was always the bad cop. Moms would scare you by threatening to tell on you to your dad. The thought of him being told that you were misbehaving scared you straight. Do not forget the dread you felt thinking how he would whoop you with his belt.

  • Show of Affection or Lack Thereof by Kenyan Fathers

Growing up did any of you ever get an ‘I love you’ from your dad? We knew they loved us they just never said it out loud. Anyone ever hugged their dad? Anyone? No? Kenyan fathers just didn’t do affection. The funny thing is they would sing your praises to their friends talking about all your accomplishments and achievements but would never tell you!

  • Jack of All Trades

The sink is broken. Call a plumber? No not when your father (who isn’t a plumber) can fix it. That electrical failure? No problem your father (who isn’t an electrician) can fix that too. What we are saying is that Kenyan fathers could do anything!!

Father handy man

  • His briefcase

Kenyan fathers used to carry this huge briefcases and whatever was inside was always a mystery to all of us. Those rectangular looking briefcases with locks that could only be opened by aligning the buttons? Remember those?

Image of an old briefcase. Kenyan fathers carried this briefcase everywhere

Remember this?? (Google Images)

There you have it, some of the funny things we remember about our Kenyan fathers. Despite their interesting traits and behaviors, they remain the first men we ever loved and our first heroes. Do not forget to tell them you love them this father’s day, even if they won’t say it back :). Do something special for them as well because we all know the roles they have played in our lives is irreplaceable. Need ideas? Check out our food and travel page for restaurants, hotels, attractions or activities.

What else did your father used to do that you find hilarious? Let us know on the comments section below.

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