Yululate Tips: Best Customer Service Practices for Businesses

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Yululate Tips: Best Customer Service Practices for Businesses

Image of a man hoding a trophy.Customer service for the win

Customer service is an important business strategy that makes or breaks your business. If executed properly, it can be very profitable your business. Great customer service creates customer loyalty which should the one of the goals for any business. Your services and goods might be as affordable as possible but if the customer service is poor, you will not sell. On the other hand, having great customer service guarantees you customer loyalty. This, ensures continuous sale. It also means that even if you raise the price on your goods and services and you will still be able to sell because your customers remain loyal.

On previous posts, we have explored why Kenya has such bad customer service and mentioned the necessary skills needed by businesses to offer great customer service. This week, Yululate is giving you tips on the best customer service practices that will ensure that you retain your customers and gain new ones.

  • Make a Great First Impression
Men and women shaking hands. Customer service comes at a cost

Create a great first impression on customers when they first meet you.

Just like in romantic relationships and job interviews, making a great first impression matters a lot in business. In this case, your customer will remember the first impression they got when they first interacted with you and your business. You want to ensure that what they remember is great and not bad. Customer service starts right off the bat. The moment they walk into your bank, salon or restaurant, a customer should experience awesome customer service. Even if you are having a bad day, make sure you make a great first impression.

  • Be Proactive
Image of a woman holding a phone to her ear. Customer service will save your business

Don’t just wait for customers to get in touch with you..do it first

If you or your business only interacts with your customers only when they make complaints, you are missing out on a chance to create a relationship with them. More often than not a customer will only reach out after they have a negative experience. It doesn’t always have to reach that point. If for example one complains about a product, you might want to reach out to your other customers online or on email telling them about the problem. Offering to replace their faulty products is a great way to ensure they remain loyal. If you have your customers’ information, mark their special days like birthdays by sending them a message or email.

  • Share Helpful Resources

A business with great customer service always strives to empower their customers with information to solve their problems and issues as well as make them knowledgeable.

Man infront of laptop.Customer service is about providing helpful information

Give helpful information to your customers

Share extra and helpful information on your blogs, email or social media posts. Your customers will share the same information, marketing your business. If for example you own a hotel, suggest to them new meals they may not have tried before.

  • Hire The Right People

Your employees are the ones who will deal with the customers and create a good or bad impression. It is therefore very important to hire people with the necessary skills and training in customer service. Their interaction with customers should be a great reflection of your business.

Image of waitress. Get the right employees to offer the right customer service

Top notch employees provide top notch customer service

  • Offer a Seamless Experience

With the digital age, customers don’t just interact with businesses inside their establishments. There are social media networks and emails that enable them to interact with you once they leave. Ensure that it is a consistent experience through every single channel.

Customers now have more choices than ever when picking businesses. Social media and business review platforms are now a dime a dozen. The customers’ ability to amplify their complaints and praises concerning these businesses is even greater. This means that businesses cannot get away with having bad customer service.

What other customer services practices should businesses adopt? Let us know on the comments section below.   You can also leave your comments on the customer service of businesses in Kenya by reviewing them here.

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