Yululate Guides: The Guide to Gifting Your Dad on Fathers Day

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Yululate Guides: The Guide to Gifting Your Dad on Fathers Day

Image of a father and his son on Fathers Day

What do you get the most important man in your life on Fathers Day? How do you find the perfect gift for a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero? On Sunday we pay homage to fathers and father figures for raising us right or at least trying to raise us right. So how do you celebrate dads simply for being great?

At Yululate we have some ideas on how you could pick gifts we think dads might like on fathers day.

  • Go sentimental

The best gift are the ones with some sentimental meaning behind them. What better gift to get your dad than one which means something to him. For this you can get the whole family involved. Since fathers day is on a weekend, you can hold a family dinner or lunch at home or take the family to a great restaurant or hotel. You can also get a photo shoot from the entire family and immortalize father’s day for your dad.

Image of aman and his son on fathers day

Happy Fathers Day

  • Personalize His Gifts

Most people will go for gifts like ties, wallets and watches. While there’s nothing wrong with them, you can make them even better for dads by personalizing them. For father’s day get them engraved with your dad’s name or initials.

Image of a wallet. it is a great gift for fathers day

Get him a wallet with is name engraved on it

  • Consider His hobbies and Interests

Surprise, dads have hobbies too, and interests. When getting him a gift get him something that won’t end up not being used. Get him something that complements his hobbies and interests. Is your dad a sports fan, get him a sports package for his Tv. If he enjoys travelling, how about a trip out of town, there are several attractions in Kenya he can go see.

image of zebras in park. this is a great gift for fathers day

Tourist Attractions in Kenya..get your dad this as a gift for fathers day (fairwaysafaris.com)

  • Customize His Gifts

Some dads are not known for having a fashion sense. You will find them wearing clothes that are a size too big.  The best thing you can do for him this fathers day is get him a customized suit that is tailored to fit just him. Bespoke gifts are that much more special. Check out stores on Yululate that sell great clothes and find him a unique gift.

  • Get Him to Try Something New

The misconception is that older people are set in their ways. While this may be true for some, others are always open to trying out new things. If your dad is one of them, make him try something new and he may discover a new favorite hobby. Find indoors and outdoors activities on our activities page that your dad can get into.

  • Technology and Gadgets
Image of an old man and woman. For fathers day get him a new phone

Get your dad a new phone or computer for fathers day…(Google Images)

Who are we kidding, most of our dads have a standard phone that can only call, receive calls and send messages. How’s about getting him into this century by getting him a good phone that actually has internet access.Better still if you can afford it, get them a computer. You might have to spend some hours teaching him how to use them but hey, it’s fathers day.

We understand that most dads don’t even mark fathers day and some of you may also not be able to afford to get them anything. What you can however do, is let them know you are thinking of them on the day. A simple message or call will be highly appreciated.

If you have better suggestion on what to gift dads this fathers day, let us know on the comments section below. Happy Fathers Day.

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