Yululate Tips: Choosing the Right Event Planners

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Yululate Tips: Choosing the Right Event Planners

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Wedding season is upon us, there are birthday celebrations every other day and companies are holding corporate events as often as possible. What we are saying is there are a lot of events happening and getting the right event planners has never been more important. A lot goes into making an event successful and at Yululate we understand that pulling off an awesome event can be overwhelming.

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This is how it feels sometimes when you are event planning…(Image credit-Google Images)

The success of your event largely depends on your event planners. This is the key to ensuring your event planning goes off without a hitch. So here are some tips you should consider when picking your event planners.

  • Get Information on All Costs and Policies Upfront from the Event Planners

A big problem most people have faced is when event planners suddenly hike their fees. Some of them will suddenly bring up hidden fees or policies that they had not mentioned when you first spoke. This is a major cause of concern because it messes with your budget. Unfortunately for you, sometimes you aren’t able to get a new event planners, so you are stuck with trying to get more money for your event. Pick party planners that will be upfront with all their information so you know from the get go where they stand. Ensure that the planners also runs any additional costs by you before they make any decisions concerning the event.

  • Get Event Planners with Good and Known Reputations
Image of a set dining table. Get competent event planners to ensure your event succeeds.

Get competent event planners to ensure your event succeeds. (Image credit-Google Images)

In an attempt to cut costs, some people will get the cheapest event planner without considering their reputation. There are also cases where people have been fleeced off of their hard earned by frauds pretending to be events planners. Ensure that you know your even planner or know of them by asking friends and even googling them on social media. Find out if they have a reputation of being honest, straightforward and trustworthy. You can also read reviews by people who’ve used their services on platforms such as Yululate. Make sure that they also have legitimate credentials.

  • Ensure The Event Planners Are Flexible 

The biggest favor you can do for yourself is find event planners that are  flexible enough to change their plans if need be. You need for the planner to be on board anytime you make a change. The planners should also be compatible with you and your staff if any. This will ensure the planning process is smooth.

Now that you have read up on those tips, let’s help you further by giving you suggestions for top event planners. You can get all their information on their profiles on Yululate and read up on customer reviews as well.

This event planning company is located at Naivas Supermarket at the Mountain Mall on Thika Road. They will plan any event from birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. The have been reviewed highly by other customers with their birthday parties ranking highly.

Image of tables and chairs at a garden. Play city event planners are very popular

Play city event planners

Along with décor, flowers and location, they offer entertainers, MCs and Djs for your event.

Sycamore, located along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway are the ideal event planner if you are planning a wedding. As the name suggests they also specialize in baked goods such as wedding cakes. Check out their profile on Yululate and browse through photos to get an idea of just how great they are.

This company will bring your event vision into a reality. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or even a funeral, Glamour Zen, located at the Nairobi CBD, want to make it unforgettable. The event planners will offer you customized services according to what you need.

Image of decorations at a wedding event planned by Seraphic event Planners

Seraphic events will create the perfect event for you.

Seraphic event planners are located along Thika Road and provide the full package for your event. They have tents, furniture, linens, catering and even flowers for hire. They are a one stop shop when event planning so you don’t have to deal with different planners. Check them out here and read what other customers are saying about them on their page on Yululate.

Yululate has listed hundreds of event planners so as you prepare to host an event, be sure to go through their profiles on the website. You can search for the event planners according to location as well. Please leave a review of your favorite event planners here for a chance to win a 3,000 shopping or meal voucher.

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