Social Media Day: Freedom with Responsibility

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Social Media Day: Freedom with Responsibility

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Social Media Day is here, and we are celebrating the strides made in the social media space. Thanks to social media, we now have the world on our fingertips, literally. Social media has impacted the world in such tremendous ways, making such a huge difference in just ten years. At the touch of a button or click of a mouse, we are able to connect with someone halfway across the world. With a good internet connection, anyone can document anything and post it to millions on social media. Interaction with others has been made fast, easy and convenient.

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While this power, made possible by technological advancements has been used positively, there are many more instances in which it has been used negatively. The theme for this year’s Social Media Day is freedom with responsibility. It highlights the importance and need of using social media in a healthy and positive manner.

From cyber bullying to trolling, social media is being misused often intentionally, other times unintentionally for the wrong reasons. Mean and cruel comments on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and even YouTube have led to the damage in reputation of people, both young and old as well as companies and businesses. In some cases some people have committed suicide from the hurt and humiliation.

Image of a woman being trolled on social media. Social Media Day will higlight using social media responsibly

Social media has an ugly side..(Image Credit-Google Images)

As a business review platform, at Yululate, we see a lot of opinions concerning businesses, their products and their services. Unfortunately not all of them are always constructive. On Social Media Day, we are highlighting ways of using social media responsibly. Before you post, pause and consider these.

  • Be Authentic, and Honest

Often with reviews we find that people are not honest or authentic. Some will give negative reviews just to taint the businesses’ reputation. Or give a positive review to hype the company. In both cases, the reviews end up being misleading and will not help other consumers looking for great businesses. People have also gotten in trouble for plagiarizing and cat-fishing online. On Social Media Day we stress that it’s always best to be yourself and be truthful online.

  • Be Mindful of Other People’s Emotions.

It is possible to write a negative review and still be mindful of other people’s emotions. Some social media users take pride in coming up with posts with acid humor and while there is nothing wrong with that, it is usually at the expense of someone else which is wrong.  Even with reviews, you might get a laugh or two from people but humor is fleeting. Those words posted affect people and may make them feel bad. Ask yourself before you post, if it was you, how would you feel? The internet never forgets; it might be a joke now but in a few years that joke may cost you a job with a potential employer.

  • Be Objective, Do not make It personal

It is hard to remain objective especially when we feel like we are being personally attacked. Before you post a review, ensure you are doing it because you genuinely believe it will help others and will bring attention to bad service. Do not trash a company or anyone online because you have a grudge.

While the above apply for posting reviews, they also apply to posting on other social media networks. Other ways to use social media responsibly include

  • Do not Post Personal Information

This goes without saying but we’ll say it anyway. Posting things such as your phone number or address is dangerous.

  • Do not Post Threats

While we understand you can be overwhelmed, social media isn’t always the best place to vent. Threats can land you in legal trouble. Remember posts on social media can be shared and re-shared beyond the scope of your control. You can’t always delete it.

We hope these will help you use social media in a much more responsible way. Leave a comment below on the other ways people can use social media responsibly. Happy Social Media Day

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