Where To Watch Euro 2016 in Nairobi

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Where To Watch Euro 2016 in Nairobi

Image of the Euro 2016 poster.

Euro 2016 is just about done and the tournament has been nothing if not exciting. The semifinals will no doubt be even more exciting. But first, let’s be honest, some people don’t even know what we are talking about. If that is you, then this article is not for you. Football fanatics read on. Wednesday and Thursday will see many on the edge of their seats as Portugal face off against Wales (Wednesday) and Germany take on France (Thursday) in the Euro 2016 semi finals. We have two questions, who are you rooting for and more importantly where are you watching the game?

As we all know, the beauty of football is watching it with your friends over a drink or two, perhaps more. So we have taken it upon ourselves at Yululate to share some joints around Nairobi that have huge screens, dedicated to the Euro 2016.  That, and some great deals on drinks and food. These are definitely the places you should hang out on Wednesday, Thursday and on Sunday for the finals.

Full bar check, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating space check, safe parking check, air conditioning check, smoking area check, free Wi-Fi check, huge Tv screens check. We could go on but you get our point. Mercury Lounge is definitely the place to be. It is located at the ABC place, in Westlands. This month (July) they are dedicating all their screens to the Euro 2016 championships.

Image of a Euro 2016 poster at Mercury Lounge

Watch the matches at Mercury Lounge and enjoy discounts on food and drinks..(Image Credit-Mercury Lounge)

They are also offering deals on their drinks and food so you have no excuse. Check out their profile on Yululate for reviews, drinks menu and directions and make a plan with your friends to watch the Euros in style at Mercury Lounge. You can reserve a table here.

Want to have a quiet dinner before watching the game? Havana Bar and Restaurant has got you. Their set up is so cool, the restaurant is secluded from the club so you can enjoy a moment of sanity over dinner before the insanity of football takes over at the bar. Why else should you catch the Euro 2016 at Havana? Well they have now reduced their beer prices.

Image of discount drinks poster. Havana Bar is currently offering a discount on beers for the Euro 2016

Enjoy discounts on beer as you watch the Euros 2016 semis and finals at Havana bar and Restaurant. (Image Credit- Havana)

Havana also has great reviews on Yululate so check them out. You can also find both their food and drinks menu.

Image of Euro 2016 poster at the Gipsy bar

Football fever is real at Gipsy Bar (Image Credit- Gipsy Bar)

The Euro fever is alive at the Gipsy bar in Westlands. Trust us, they’ve been showing every game since the tournament began and they are not about to stop. Gipsy has three theme bars and a restaurant under one roof so it’s safe to say there’s plenty of space.  What has us excited about watching the matches at this bar, especially on Thursday is their Sixes on Thursday offer.

Image of an offer by Gipsy Bar for the Euro 2016

Check out this Thursday offer at the Gipsy Bar. (Image Credit- Gipsy)

So how about it? Feeling lucky on Thursday? Check them out and have a blast at one of the best sports bars in Nairobi.

Mojos Lounge and Bar at the CBD is one of the most popular joints to hang out at. Their affordable bottle service and spacious lounge has made this bar very popular. They are even more popular as the hottest place to watch football. Read their reviews on Yululate and make a date for the Euro 2016. You won’t regret it.

Image of People watching football at K1 Klubhouse. Enjoy Euro 2016 at the club.

This is how people will be watching the Euro semis and finals at K1 Klubhouse..(Image Credit K1)

We can’t think of anything close enough to the experience of watching the Euro 2016 live in France. Watching it at the K1 Klubhouse comes close though. They offer you the next best thing to watching it live at their soccer city stadium. Yep a stadium inside the club house. This awesome football oasis is complete with a multi-tier outdoor stadium, three HD giant screens and stadium-style sitting arrangement. Since you can’t be in France, go to K1 Klubhouse…..you know you want to.

Image of the interior of Urban Gourmet You can watch Euro 2016 here

Burgers+Football…yes!!!! (Image credit- Kenyanmoments.com)

Burgers and football anyone? Sounds great right? If you are going for the laid back scene as you watch the game then this is the place for you. They have HD screens so enjoy the the thrill that is football with family and friends at this awesome place. Get the map to their location as well as reviews on Yululate.

We hope you have a lovely time at these places, please leave a review of what you think about their food, ambiance and services here. You can also find more places by searching  on Yululate. Where will you be watching the Euro 2016 semi-finals and finals? Leave us a comment below.

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