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When it comes to phone apps, Kenya is among the top countries in Africa with innovative apps. As a result of challenges such as infrastructure, limited access to health facilities and other basic amenities and necessities in Kenya, we have seen the development of  many social, farming and health themed phone apps in Kenya. These apps have helped and continue to help locals with easy solutions to problems they may be facing.

While hundreds of Kenyan apps are developed every day, most of us don’t know about them, let alone use them. Some of these phone apps in Kenya are great for consumers who would like goods and services in the most convenient way possible. This week on Yululate, we list some of the best Kenyan Apps and delivery services we think would make your life all that much easier.

Image of Yum banner. It is one of the most impressive food apps in Kenya

Check out Yum, a food and groceries delivery service in Kenya. (Image Credit- Yum)

Yum is one of the most popular food apps in Kenya right now. If you want to order food from some of your favorite restaurants in Nairobi or groceries these are the guys you get in touch with. Launched in 2012, their aim is to get you food and groceries to your door in the quickest time possible saving you the hassle of leaving the house. Yum has partnered with over 200 restaurants in Nairobi and deliver to neighborhoods all over the city. They also have a loyalty program where you get Kes 500 worth of credit with your fifth order. At the fifth order the count is reset and you get more credit once you hit the next fifth order.  Get all the details on their delivery hours and partnering restaurants here.

Chupa Chap came about after its founders realized that getting a drink in Nairobi is way too much trouble. From the traffic jams, to finding parking then queuing to pay!! It’s all just too much especially for those who’d rather just drink at home. Not to mention folks that hold parties and get-together events on the weekends or get visitors unexpectedly.

Image of Chupa Chap logo, one of the booze apps in Kenya

Booze anyone? Chupa Chap delivers your favorite drinks to your doorstep. (Image Credit- Chupa Chap)

Their moto is you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to buy booze. You can instead just shop online on their website. Sounds great right? Well they deliver on Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 10.30 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 9am to midnight. Chupa Chap is one of the apps in Kenya you should definitely check out.

Sendy is a transport and deliveries service that transport your packages to and from any location in Nairobi. The app which is on Google app and App store allows you to see available drivers on the map in real time. Before you pay, you can see the price quote once you set pick up and drop off locations. You can also monitor the location of your driver on the road and will receive a message on your phone once your package is dropped off. When it comes to transport apps in Kenya, Sendy is among the best.

Image of Ki.chen food delivery service logo. Food apps in Kenya are on the rise.

Check out Ki.chen for all your lunch deliveries. (Image Credit- Ki.chen)

Ki.chen is among the most impressive food apps in Kenya. They deliver lunch all over Nairobi. From Ksh 400 you can order fresh foods to your office or home. Have a look at their awesome website and go through their lunch menu. Let us know what you think about them in the comments section below.

Image Mobar of logo, one of the booze apps in Kenya

Let Mobar deliver your alcohol and get your drink on at home. (Image Credit-Mobar )

A lot of people won’t know of this app but Kenya Mobar has great reviews from those who’ve used it. The app is for those who would like to take alcohol but don’t want to go out and get it. They deliver drinks to where you are. Not only can you can browse through their wide selection of drinks and order what you want, you can also send someone a gift (bottle of wine or whiskey or beer) from this app. Simply put in where you are or where you want the gift sent and wait for your drink. Every time you share the app with your friends and they order a drink you get a Ksh 50 discount on your purchase. It is one of the most downloaded apps in Kenya. Find it on google store.

Image of boozeit logo. This is one of booze apps in Kenya

Liquid Gold…order your drink and have it delivered by Boozeit. (Image Credit Boozeit)

Still with the liquid gold :), lets introduce you to Boozeit, a booze delivery service in Nairobi. What are you in the mood for? Wine? They’ve got plenty, in fact on Wednesdays they’ve got reduced prices on your favorite brands. If it’s a celebration and you require champagne, they have that too. What we are saying is, these guys have all the booze you might want. Have a look here for yourself.

What other apps in Kenya do you find useful? Suggest them below and we’ll be sure to check them out. If you are looking for the nearest place to have a drink or eat, you can search by location for your favorite, restaurants, hotels, bars and cafés on Yululate.

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