Discover the Taxi Apps in Kenya Competing with Uber

Let’s talk taxi apps in Kenya. When Uber taxi first came into the Kenyan market there was a lot of uproar mostly from their counterparts in Nairobi. They were afraid of the loss business and soon after, there followed a turf war that saw controversy after controversy in Nairobi.  Uber weathered the storm and even managed to up their game by introducing new services for their customers. Months in, and it seems business owners want in on the taxi game. Lately we have seen the launch of several taxi apps in Kenya, all wanting a piece of the pie.


Toy Story meme of taxis. There are many more taxi apps in Kenya.

Taxis, taxis everywhere. (Google Images)

It seems many have seen the potential in the Kenyan market. While the already established taxi apps in Kenya might be complaining, we are certainly not. The more the merrier right? As consumers, having options is always great and this means that taxi apps in Kenya are going to have to improve their services to retain their customers’ loyalty.

Have a look at some of the more popular taxi apps in Kenya giving the Uber app a run for its money.

  • Mondo Ride
Image of a drive in one Of Mondo Ride's taxis. It is one of the best taxi apps in Kenya

Mondo Ride promises you safe and affordable prices. (Image Credit-Mondo Ride)

Mondo Ride took Nairobi by storm by offering both cars and motor cycles (boda-boda) transport services. Unlike Uber which only partners with drivers with new cars, Mondo accepts older cars into their fleet of taxis. The taxi service accepts older models as long as the cars that are well maintained. In an attempt to match their customers’ budget, the taxi app in Kenya reduced the transport charge for those who take the older cars. The customers using the older cars pay Ksh 48 per kilometer and Ksh 3 for every minute spent on transit compared to the standard Ksh 58 for every kilometer and Ksh 5 for every minute.

  • Little Cabs
Image of Little Cabs logo. It's one of the newly launched taxi apps in Kenya

Little-Cabs is backed by Telecom giant Safaricom. (Image Credit- Safaricom)

Ahead of its launch early this month, there was a lot of buzz surrounding this Safaricom backed taxi App in Kenya. Rightly so, since they had announced significantly lower tariffs compared to Mondo Ride and Uber, their main competitors. Little Cabs had their work cut out for them but they also had a head start seeing as they already had drivers from Easy taxi. Easy taxi, which had over 3,000 drivers in Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa recently exited the Kenyan market. Like most taxi apps in Kenya, Little Cabs will allow customers to pay for cab fare using Mpesa or Visa and MasterCard branded bank cards. However, unlike other taxi apps in Kenya, Little Cabs customers will be able to redeem Safaricom bonga points for cab rides. They also offer an exclusive cab service for and driven by women titled ‘Lady Bug.’

  • Mara Moja

Most taxi apps in Kenya strive to give the best customer service but Mara Moja have taken a unique approach to this. Customers can base their decision when choosing a cab on their friend’s favorite drivers. The idea is that a friends’ suggestion is worth a thousand ratings. This means that a customer doesn’t always have to base their decision on location ratings and price. They can always use their friends’ favorite’s driver. Mara Moja also offers their customers the option for luxury rides. The app can be found on Google store and Apple store.

  • Taxify

Taxify is the newest taxi hailing app, launched on July 1st this year. Taxify is popular for being one of the most affordable taxi apps in Kenya.

Image of a poster showing prices on Taxify, one of the taxi apps in Kenya

One of the most affordable taxi services in Kenya- (Image credit- Taxify)

The app is available on google store, app store and downloadable on Windows store. They have hundreds of drivers most belonging to the Kenya Taxi Cab Association.

  • Pewin Cabs

Pewin Cabs was started in 2008 and is one of the oldest taxi services in Kenya. While most taxi apps in Kenya partner with drivers for their cars, Pewin have their own cabs. Most of their clients make their bookings on phone but Pewin has an app available on Google store. They have been reviewed highly and were ranked number 14 on the top 100 companies in Kenya in 2014. They continue to provide quality service with their large fleet of taxis.

Other taxi apps in Kenya include Sasa Cabs and Lyft, which will soon launch in Nairobi.

Which of the above taxi apps in Kenya is your favorite?  Why do you like them? Leave us a comment below and let us know if there are any other taxi apps in Kenya we should know about. You can also review taxis on Yululate.

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