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Customer reviews are a dime a dozen on Yululate, seeing as we are a business review website. We have customers who’ve used goods and services of businesses in Kenya telling us about their experiences. They walk into establishments with certain expectations. Sometimes their expectations are met, sometimes they’re disappointed. And they tell us all about it.

We’ve had customer reviews that are good and some that are bad. But because you guys are a funny lot, once in a while we get some very funny customer reviews. Some customers crack us up with their descriptions of their experiences.

When You Break Your Curfew at Nairobi Arboretum

This lady was supposed to be reviewing the Nairobi Arboretum…she didn’t quite do it. She instead, colorfully and without any regard for grammar, told us how she might have overstayed at the Arboretum and would get in trouble for it. We chuckled but we totally get how scared she was for breaking curfew. Kenyan fathers don’t mess around!

Image of a review of Nairobi Arboretum

Coffee for One at Java, It’s Not Always Sad

Being single can suck sometimes, especially when you want to go out for coffee. What’s worse than going for coffee alone? Going for coffee alone to Java, a café whose current tag line is Love is Here. This lady knows all about it. She went to the café at Adams Arcade alone. But instead of being down about it, she remained hopeful that along with the awesome coffee, a good book you might just end up finding love at Java. After all, love is there :). She was a good sport and wrote this funny review.

Review of Java on Yululate


Over The Moon at Garden City Mall

Don’t you just love when you visit a new place and your expectations are more than met? This reviewers’ childlike excitement when he first visited Garden City mall along Thika Road is just awesome.

Image of customer reviews of Garden City Mall

We love customer reviews like this. Comparing it to Dubai and going to the moon? Garden City, is there a greater honor?

Seduced By an Urban Gourmet Burger? It Could Happen

What’s happiness? The age old question might have been answered by one of our reviewers. Happiness is an Urban Gourmet burger. At least to this lady who wrote one of the most descriptive customer reviews we’ve had on the website. Apparently the burger lives up to the hype. The fries might not have impressed her but the burger certainly did. She went on and on about them, we got hungry.

Image of Urban gourmet Burgers customer reviews

Try them and let us know what the fuss is all about

Scratch That, Debonairs Pizza is Happiness

We love customer reviews that adequately paint a picture of how good or bad something is.

Image of customer reviews of Denonairs PizzaTell me you don’t want to try pizza from Debonairs after reading this gentleman’s review. Yea we thought so too.  Their menu is here, order yourself a pizza.

Praising the Lard at Soaring Eagle Spur

Image of customer reviews of Soaring Eagle Spur

We certainly hope he is OK! How else are going to get customer reviews if customers keep dying?

House of Waine

The luxury boutique hotel that is House of Waine has certainly inspired writers, and this reviewer is one of them.

Image of customer reviews of House of WaineSomething about the ambiance to get you all creative and poetic?

Baring it All-Naked Pizza

Image of hilarious customer reviews of Naked Pizza

Hilarious customer reviews on Yululate

As much as these make you laugh, we hope they are helpful too. Read many more customer reviews of goods and services of Kenyan businesses on Yululate.

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