Events in Nairobi Your Kids Can Attend This August Holiday

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Events in Nairobi Your Kids Can Attend This August Holiday

School’s out, the holiday’s here and the kids are home. Yay, right? It’s awesome for the kids who have a break from school and it’s also great for the parents who have plenty of time to spend with their kids. But that is also plenty of time they have to eat you out of the house and moan about how bored they are. Sure parents love their children and enjoy spending time with them but that they have a lot of free time spent doing nothing over the holidays can be worrying.

We’ll let us ease that worry. There are lots of activities in Nairobi your kids can enjoy. In fact there are events in Nairobi happening every other weekend. Most of them are not age appropriate but some of them are. We’ve compiled a list of some fun events in Nairobi that your children can attend during this August holiday. These include camps that will teach them life skills and other fun skills. They get to have fun, learn a thing or two and most importantly, they stay busy.

Engage KIDS Speaking Camp

Engage is a platform where fascinating thinkers and doers combine to spark discussion and connection with the audience on a diverse mix of topics. The bi-monthly Engage platform focuses on the power of engagement to foster learning and transform minds and lives. This month, they are hosting a kids speaking camp at the Nairobi International School from the 16th to 19th .

Image of a child speaking during an event at Engage. Events in Nairobi that kids can attend include the Engage Speaking Camp

(Image Credit- Engage)

The goal of the camp is to help young people overcome their hesitation to speak publicly, to rise above all limitations, and make them aware that public speaking is about much more than addressing an audience. “The ability to confidently communicate is a life skill that most people struggle with in adulthood. Learning how to communicate effectively as a younger age will give your child a head start in life,” The event poster reads. This is an opportunity for your kid(s) to develop communication skills that will definitely come in handy in life. How about it? Think you might want to let them attend? You can get all the details here.

Creamy Festival

Image of a child held by his mother at a park. Let your child have fun by attending creamy festival, one of the anticipated events in Nairobi

(Image Credit-Creamy Festival)

On 27th August at the Kenya Wildlife Service, every child’s dream comes true with one of the best events in Nairobi. The creamy festival is the chance your child has been waiting for to sample all the best ice cream they can. To be fair it’s not just the children who are excited about this.  The Creamy Festival is about the reason why ice cream is better creamier and why milkshakes just taste that much better with whipped cream on top. Some of the activities your kids will undoubtedly love include Ice Cream eating competition, Yoghurt slurping competition and Virtual World: Play Station and Video Games. There will also be a chance for you and your children to win raffle Prizes. If that doesn’t do it for them, take them around the park where they can get a close up look at some of the wildlife in Kenya.  Get the tickets here and treat them to an unforgettable day.

Inline Skating Holiday Camp

Oshwal Sports Complex has been hosting this skating camp from July 11. We suggest your kids attend the camp from 8th August to August 19th. This is open to children from as young as 3 years old. We love events in Nairobi that the whole family can participate in. This is one of them. It’s also open to adults so you and your children can learn skating together. It’s usually from 10.00am to 11.00 and will cost you Ksh 4,500 for the two weeks. All participants are required to carry a helmet, socks and a drink. You can buy helmets at the complex for Ksh 1,000.

Image of a skating camp poster.One of the events in Nairobi kids can attend is the Inline Skating Camp

(Image Credit- Inline Skating)

Art Fest- Art in the Wild

ArtFest is about the celebration of art and exploring the rich variety of artworks that adorn the National Park. It’s among the anticipated events in Nairobi this holiday. It will feature Game Drives and Safari Walks. There will also be a Kids Corner where children can play and enjoy themselves. Different cuisines will be served at the event so you dot have to worry about food. If it’s something you and your kids might enjoy then make your way to the Kenya Wildlife Service on Sunday, 14th August, 2016. Advance tickets are Ksh500 while buying at the gate will be Ksh1000. Get them on

Image of a poster for the Art Fest. This is one of the events in Nairobi your kids can attend

( Image Credit- Art Fest)

MAMA Concert

How about events in Nairobi for a good cause? Open Mic Africa (A performing arts outfit), is hosting a concert this August in aid of the Food 4 Education initiative. The initiative provides daily meals for kids from less fortunate backgrounds to help keep them in school. The concert will be held on 6th August 2016 from 2pm – 8pm at Nairobi Cinema.  Advance tickets are 1,000 and you can get them by dialing *229*49#. The concert aims to raise USD 10,000. Take you kids to the concert, touch a life and have fun!

Image of a poster of the Mama Concert,. It's among the events in Nairobi that your children can go for.

(Image Credit-Mama Concert)

Nai Ni Who?

GoDown Arts Centre sponsors of some of the most amazing events in Nairobi. They do not disappoint with the Nai Ni Who Festival. The festival which has been running from July 16 aims at showcasing the diverse cultures in Nairobi. The city’s various neighborhoods interact to share Nairobi history and stories, celebrating its people and their neighborhood assets and culture. Your kids might enjoy the city Centre walking tours on Sunday 7th, 14th and 21st August. The 1 hour walks will open them up to the rich history of downtown Nairobi as they learn about the buildings, monuments and captivating histories and geographies. Here’s a look at the tour dates on their poster below.

Image of a poster of the nai-ni-who-cbd-walks

You can find many more activities to do in Nairobi that your kids will enjoy on our Food and Travel page on Yululate. We also have a post on kid friendly restaurants if you want to take your family out to a restaurant in Nairobi.  Leave us a comment below on which events in Nairobi would be great for the kids this August holiday.

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