Top Moving Companies in Nairobi & Tips for A Stress Free Move

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Top Moving Companies in Nairobi & Tips for A Stress Free Move

Among the most stressful things in life is moving. Whether it is moving house or relocating the office, you are bound to face some ups and downs that can be very frustrating. This week at Yululate we are trying to make the process of moving a bit easier. We are giving you some moving tips as well as highlighting some moving companies in Nairobi that will make moving as easy as possible.

Pack Non Essential Items Ahead of Time

Image of boxes for packing. Pack non essential items early to avoid extra costs by moving companies in Nairobi

                                                                                         (Google Images)

You know you are moving a week from now, pack all the things you wont be using in the week first. It’ll save you time. It can be an added advantage in terms of cost. Come moving companies in Nairobi offer packing services and charge extra. If you start packing early, you wont have to pay for it.

Pack Essential Stuff Separately

If you know you won’t be able to unpack immediately, pack the essential items separately. This way, if you need to be at work early the next day, you know where the change of clothes and toiletries are. Ensure it’s the last thing to be put in the moving truck. Most moving companies in Nairobi will give you the same advice.

If you don’t Have Enough Bubble Wrap, Use Clothing for Breakables

Image of perfume bottle wrapped in socks. This is a great way to prevent breakage when moving.

                                                  Wrap breakables in clothing..(Image Credit-Pinterest)

Most Kenyans will use old newspapers to wrap their breakables. Some will use bubble wrap. If you are short on both, you can wrap them in clothing. This way you’ll also be packing clothing as you pack the utensils. When you get there, unpack the breakables over a padded surface

Label Everything

This is such a time saver. Label boxes according to what it contains. You can go as far as labeling them according to which room they’re supposed to go into. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

Image of boxes packed up ready for moving

                                                                                        (Image Credit-Emerson Movers)

Pack Electronics in Original Boxes

Hopefully you saved the box the Tv, fridge or the microwave came in. You however don’t need to stress over this so much as most moving companies in Nairobi provide packing boxes. With electronics you also want to take a picture of the wiring before you disconnect them. It’ll be easier when reconnecting.

Pay for Utilities Up to the Last week

If you pay for electricity tokens, buy enough to only last you until the time you are moving. You don’t want to pay for a whole month’s bill then end up moving in a week. Same goes with water and internet.

So planning a move soon? Here are the top moving companies in Nairobi that can help.

  • Cube Movers

Cube movers are one of the highly reviewed moving companies in Nairobi. They offer office and home moving services, pet relocation services, machinery relocation as well as international relocation services. They also provide onsite packing and storage of gifts at weddings, send offs and other functions. If you abruptly need to move, say in the middle of the month, Cube Movers offer a special off-peak product for those choosing to move mid-month. Check out their website for their services, contacts and a free quote.

  • Emerson Movers
Image of the intterior of an office. Emerson Movers is one of the moving companies in Nairobi that do office moving.

                          Emerson movers will relocate your office..(Image Credit-Emerson Movers)

Emerson Movers pride themselves in being among the trustworthy, reliable, efficient and accountable moving companies in Nairobi. They offer house and office moving services, warehouse and storage services. Get your quote here.

  • Urgent Cargo
Image of a moving truck by Urgent Cargo. Its among the top moving companies in Nairobi

                                                                                             (Image Credit-Urgent Cargo)

Urgent Cargo has been in the road, rail, air and sea transport services for over 30 years.  They are among the top moving companies in Nairobi. They competitive rates to and from all major worldwide destinations so if you are looking to move far, they are an affordable option. Urgent Cargo has teams of removal experts trained to pack and handle all types of goods. Each packing team comprises of packers, an electrician and a carpenter to ensure that goods are handled professionally. Check out their website for more information.

  • Nellions Moving and Relocation

Nellions Moving and Relocations was born out of the need to provide a higher level of service in the regional moving and relocation industry. Named after one of the peaks of Mt Kenya, the company aims to take the handling of personal goods to new heights and impart dignity and a high level of sophistication to the industry. Read the raving reviews they’ve gotten on their Yululate profile.

Image of a an boxing up household items

                                                                                    (Image Credit- Nellions Movers)

  • Kate Freight and Travel Limited

Kate Freight & Travel Limited are among renowned moving companies in Nairobi. They are located at Industrial Area. They offer personal, safe and professional moving services.

You can look up many more moving companies in Nairobi on our website. Leave a review of the companies and other Kenyan businesses here.

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