Wedding Planners in Nairobi For Those Planning To Tie The Knot

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Wedding Planners in Nairobi For Those Planning To Tie The Knot

Wedding planners in Nairobi are the subject of discussion on the blog this week, because wedding season is upon us. Love’s definitely in the air. Technically Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide are in the air, but we think love is in the air too. What with all the proposals happening all over. We are happy for you guys getting married. So happy, we have taken it upon ourselves to list the most important people you should be contacting now that you have a wedding to plan. We are talking about wedding planers in Nairobi.

Let’s face it, putting together any event, let alone a wedding can be tough. Isn’t it great having someone else do all the work while you just get to enjoy your big day? Well, these wedding planners in Nairobi are experts in all things weddings. They will find you the perfect location, do the décor, and find you the cake you want. Basically these planners will make your dream wedding come true.

Flowers By Cathy

Image of a wedding set up by one of the wedding planners in Nairobi

(Image Credit-Flowers by Cathy)

Flowers By Cathy are a professional events and wedding planning professionals located at Prestige Plaza,Along Ngong Road. They will plan and organize your garden or church wedding and turn your day into one of the most memorable days you will have. They will provide, among other things flowers, roman pillars, chairs and tables. Have a look at their website and see the testimonials from satisfied customers as well as photos of weddings they’ve put together. Leave us a comment on what you think about them by reviewing them here.

Aura Event Planners

The event planners at Aura aim to turn dreams into reality with elegance, simplicity and style. That said they are the wedding planners in Nairobi to contact to plan your big day. They are best known for creating theme weddings. Check out their Facebook page for photos of the theme weddings they’ve created. You will be blown away.

Image of a tent set up for a wedding by Aura Events. They are among the best wedding planners in Nairobi

(Image Credit- Aura Events)

Sage Events

Sage Events offer numerous wedding services. Some of them include invitation cards design and printing, booking of reception venue and venue management, design of décor and style, stage, sound and lighting, catering, flowers, videography and photography. They are among the most affordable wedding planner in Nairobi. You can see what else they offer here.

Sage of a room arrangement by Sage Events. They are listed among the best wedding planners in Nairobi

(Image Credit-Sage Events)

Zuri Ignite Ltd

Zuri Ignite is a service management company which is involved in planning events. They offer concept development, brand management, public relations and event management services. We put them on the list of top wedding planners in Nairobi because they are reliable when it comes to planning weddings. Among other things, they will help you select suitable event venues and source credible event suppliers. They have a large professional team to help you pull off the perfect wedding.

Image of a table setting for a wedding.

(Image Credit- Zuri Ignite)

Sycamore Bakers and Events Limited

Sycamore, located along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway are the ideal event planner if you are planning a wedding. As the name suggests they also specialize in baked goods such as wedding cakes. Check out their profile on Yululate and browse through photos to get an idea of just how great they are.

Those are just some of the wedding planners in Nairobi listed of Yululate. Find many more on the website. If you are planning a wedding or any event soon, read our post on some of the tips you should consider before picking an event planner. It’s here. Leave us a comment below on the best wedding planners you know.

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