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August 17, 2016
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Image of a poster for events in Nairobi for foodies

Calling out all foodies in Nairobi, what do you have planned in the next month or two? How about some incredible events in Nairobi that your taste buds will thank you for? We are talking about all the events and festivals involving food going down in the city in the next couple of weeks. Awesome way too spend your weekends no? First though, for those who may not know what a foodie is i.e. those who’ve been living under a rock…..

Foodie, pronounced ˈfo͞odē/, is an informal noun that describes a person with a particular interest in food, so all of us basically 😉 . Anyway, if this is you or if you know anyone like this, direct them to this list of ours. These are the events in Nairobi as well as festivals we, at Yululate think you will love.

The Chefs Delight Awards 2016

This black tie event is happening at the Kenyatta International Conference Center on the 9th of September 2016. The event, starting from 6pm, will see the Best Chefs, Restaurants, Mixologists and Bars in Kenya get awarded for their excellence.

Image of a poster of the The Chefs Delight Awards 2016. It is one of the events in Nairobi that foodies will love.

Image Credit- The Chefs Delight Awards 2016

The night promises a food extravaganza with over 25 different cuisines, delectable cocktails and mocktails. You can be part of this fine dining setting for Ksh 6,000. Tickets can be bought here. There is also the option of buying a corporate table which will cost Ksh 60,000. If you are looking to treat yourself with an unforgettable experience then this is your chance.

Chocolate Expo

On Saturday (10th September), foodies and chocolate lovers gather at the Thika Road Mall for one of the most anticipated events in Nairobi. Come sample different types of chocolates to your heart’s content. Since it might take a while for your heat to be contented, the event will last from 9.00am to 8.00 pm.

Image of the chocolate spread out on the table. The Chocolate Expo is among the events in Nairobi happening this month.

Image Credit- Chocolate Expo 2016

Apart from chocolate tasting, there will be chocolatiers giving tips on chocolate tasting skills and tips on making homemade chocolate. There will also be a lot of chocolate giveaways. The advance tickets go for 500 bob while gate charges will be Ksh 1,000. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Rhythm and Wine

One of Kenya’s popular art galleries, Shifteye Gallery, brings you an event filled with music, art, and most importantly food and wine for the foodies. The second edition of Rhythm and Wine is happening at the gallery on September 9th and will only cost you Ksh 500.

Image of a meme about drinking wine. Rhythm and Wine is among the events in Nairobi we are looking forward to.

Come Rescue Some Wine at Rhythm and Wine. (Google Images)

We’d like to sell you more on this event but do we really have to? You know that Music+Wine+Food+ Art = AN AMAZING NIGHT. Get your ticket here.

The Koroga Festival

Mark your calendars foodies, one of the most attended festivals in Nairobi is going down on the 18th of September. Yes, it’s the 14th edition of the Koroga Festival. To be fair it’s not just foodies who love this festival but the foodies will especially love the awesome food. It promises to be yet another great event. Get all the details here.

Nairobi Pizza Festival

Image of the poster for The Nairobi Pizza Festival 2016

Image Credit-The Nairobi Pizza Festival

What can we say, pizza=happiness and from the 26th September to the 2nd October you can enjoy all the pizza you want. Last year’s pizza festival was great and it makes this year’s, one of the events in Nairobi we are looking forward to the most.

Cook For Charity Challenge

This is an opportunity that involves something most foodies love, cooking! And it’s for a good cause too and there aren’t enough events in Nairobi that are in our opinion. So make your way to Happy Life Children’s Home at Juja Farm on October 8 from 9am to 4pm for a fun-filled day.

Image of a cooking logo. One of the events in Nairobi for foodies involves cooking for a good cause.

Get your aprons ready and come cook for a good cause. (Google Images)

Not only will you cook for the kids in the streets and Children Homes, you will also participate in wholesome games. Bring your family and friends too, it’s free.

Know of any more events in Nairobi of festivals foodies might like? Let us know in the comments below and we will check them out. If you are looking for something different then you can find different activities in Nairobi on our website. Check out our Food and Travel page for many more ideas.






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