Startup Incubators in Kenya Helping Entrepreneurs Prosper

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Startup incubators in Kenya nurture the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow.  They provide an array of business support resources and services such as physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections Their goals include creation of jobs, enhancing entrepreneurial climate, retaining businesses in the country, building and accelerating growth in local industries. The Startup incubators in Kenya are coming in handy at a time when many Kenyans are taking up entrepreneurship.

Because unemployment continues to be a problem for many Kenyans, they are turning to entrepreneurship in an attempt to make a living and create employment opportunities for others. KNBS statistics shows  that 80% of new jobs created annually are created by SME’s. The statistics also show that 45% of the population is employed by SME’s. Unfortunately 60% of these enterprises fail within 2 years, while some fail to even take off.

The reality is that starting and growing a business or an enterprise in Kenya can be very challenging. During the startup period, when they are most vulnerable, business face a lot of challenges. They include the lack of funds, skills and technology. It’s therefore natural for businesses and entrepreneurs to tap into all the help they can find. This is where startup incubators in Kenya come in.

Are you an entrepreneur in Kenya with an awesome idea but lack the funds, space, skills and technology to bring it to life? These are the business incubators in Kenya that can help you.


Image of people working on their laptops at Nailab. It is one of the top startup incubators in Kenya


ICT entrepreneurs who want to start and scale their businesses in Kenya need to know about Nailab. It is one of the popular startup incubators in Kenya. CEO Sam Gichuru says that Nailab focuses on early stage business ideas that are likely to have a large social and economic impact. These ideas must be highly scalable, require minimum investments to prototype, and have a strong value proposition.  They are currently offering a 3 – 6 month entrepreneurship program with focus on growing innovative technology driven ideas. If you are interested you can get more information here.

Chandaria Incubation and Innovation Center

With the tag line, from job seekers to job creators Chandaria Incubation and Innovation Center has become one of the best business incubators in Kenya. It was launched in 2011 at the Kenyatta University. Their goal is to inspire and mentor Kenyatta University students, staff and other Kenyans to be wealth and employment creators. Check out the many startups that were incubated at the center.


Image of people working at iHub on their laptops. Its among the best startup incubators in Kenya


Nairobi based iHub brings together novice entrepreneurs, mobile software programmers, researchers, tech designers. They provide them with a vibrant and collaborative environment to think through their ideas. As one of Kenya’s pioneer startup incubators, they pride themselves in connecting innovators with investors. All their information is on their website.

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)

KIRDI set up a Technology Business Incubator in 2006. They support entrepreneurs and start up technology based enterprises in the development, assimilation, absorption, and utilization of technology to accelerate their successful development. Entrepreneurs who qualify are provided with the necessary technology and the technical support to help them absorb and assimilate the technology. It’s is among the startup incubators in Kenya that also provide BDS and business growth skills to entrepreneurs.

M-Lab East Africa

M-Lab East Africa is a consortium of four organizations (University of Nairobi, iHub, World Wide Web Foundation and eMobilis). They that facilitate the innovation of high value mobile solutions. They make it to our list of startup incubators in Kenya as they offer onsite and virtual business incubation for entrepreneurs.  They select startups with great ideas and potential to be part of a learning and networking community at the lab. The startups are provided networks to facilitate access to markets and access to capital. Onsite startups access office space, internet connectivity and shared business facilities as well.

Other startup incubators in Kenya include EPZ Business Incubator, Seven Seas Technologies Innovation Labs and Biz Africa.

If you know of any more startup incubators in Kenya that entrepreneurs might benefit from list them here below. Read our articles on challenges facing startups and SMEs and how they are overcoming them by searching for SME Profiles articles on our blog.


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