Discover New Places to Enjoy Shisha in Nairobi

Shisha in Nairobi is smoked by women and men, both young and old, in private and in public. The sweet fruity aroma of flavored tobacco, sometimes referred to as hookah, has been the craze in Nairobi for a while now. And it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

Despite the warnings from health officials that it isn’t good for your health, especially when smoked in excess, shisha continues to be popular. When asked why they smoke it, some people have said it’s a better alternative to cigarettes which don’t always smell great. The sweet smelling and tasting aroma is definitely what has users sold on it.

It’s so popular most entertainment establishments in the city got on the bandwagon and now have it. Even five star hotels and restaurants now have shisha lounges and bars. This week on Yululate we list some shisha lounges and bars in Nairobi that are a favorite of many.

Here are some spots you may or may not know about.

Lebanon Shisha Lounge

This is a shisha lounge and ice cream parlor located at the CBD on Njugu Lane off Koinange Street. Their beautiful lounges are spacious and are all fitted with huge Tv screens. There’s always music playing in the background too.  From Sunday to Thursday shisha goes for Ksh 750. On Friday and Saturday it’s Ksh 1,000. have a look at their photos on their Yululate profile. If you have been there before you can leave us a review on their profile and let us know what your experience was like.

Persia Resto Pub and Sheesha Lounge

Image of a sheesha pipe at Persia Resto Pub and Sheesha Lounge. It's a popular joint to get shisha in Nairobi

Persia Resto Pub and Sheesha Lounge

Fans of shisha in Nairobi will have heard or been to this swanky joint at the Thika Road Mall. Located at the ground floor of the mall, the joint has a spacious and tranquil environment for those looking to have a relaxed time. There’s enough parking space and an outside seating area. Have a look at photos of their establishment here

Al- Marajah Hookah

For those looking for shisha in Nairobi and hang out around Westlands, this is the place for you. It is located along Muthangari Drive and is ideal for those trying to get away from the noise synonymous with some establishments. It’s been described as easy and chilled out.  Try is and let us know if it lives up to the hype by reviewing the on their profile on Yululate.

/image of patrons enjoying shisha in Nairobi at Al- Marajah Hookah

Al- Marajah Hookah

Cafe Habibi and Sheesha Lounge

Still in Westlands you can check out another popular place to get shisha in Nairobi. Café Habibi Sheesha Lounge is located on Westlands Road at the ground floor of Madonna House. Their special mixes of sheesha include Skittles, cocktail and their our own Habibi mix. While you are there you can try their authentic Arabic and Lebanese cuisine.


Image of the interior of the Nest. You can enjoy shisha in Nairobi at the restaurant

The Nest

Nest at the Tribe hotel is a cozy outdoor bar in Gigiri. While their cocktails are legendary, according to the reviews on their Yululate Profile, it’s also a great place to smoke shisha in Nairobi.

Mezze on The Deck

Mezze on The Deck at the Best Western has set aside a lounge for shisha smokers on their rooftop restaurant. Enjoy your shisha as you take in the great view of the city.

Image of Mezze on The Deck restaurant. It's a favorite of many looking for shisha in Nairobi

Mezze on The Deck

Where’s your favorite place to get shisha in Nairobi? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also discover many establishments that have shisha in Nairobi on our website.


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