Gifting Just Got Easier with These Awesome Gift Shops in Nairobi

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Gifting Just Got Easier with These Awesome Gift Shops in Nairobi

Image of wine, journal and perfume on a poster for the Purpink Gift shop. It is among the favorite gift shops in Naiorbi

Gift shops in Nairobi are a dime a dozen, because well, we all love getting gifts don’t we? We love presents on special occasions like our birthdays, anniversaries, over the holidays…anytime really. But on the other side of the coin is gift shopping. While some enjoy the thrill and challenge of finding the perfect gift, some not so much. For most of us the cliché gifts such as dinner at hotels or restaurants, perfume or flowers will do just fine. It doesn’t have to be so.

This week on Yululate, we are helping those who find gift shopping challenging, discover some awesome gift shops in Nairobi. In these gift shops you can find unique gifts and souvenirs for both men and women. Some of them are strictly online gift shops but other have physical shops.

Purpink Gifts

Purpink online gift store dares you to be different by gifting your loved ones some of the most unique presents. They stock a wide range of gifts from jewelry, flowers, perfume, and even soaps. It’s one of the popular gift shops in Nairobi.

Image of a custom named bottle of wine available at Purpink Gift shop. It is one of the awesome gift shops in Nairobi

Get personalized wine at Purpink Gift Shop. (Image Credit- Purpink)

Purpink is located at Magharibi Place, on Mahiu Mahiu Road, off Langata Road. They also deliver and customers can track their orders online. Browse through their gift options on their website.

Many might not know of but they are among the gift shops in Nairobi that has been around for a while. It was founded in 2014 by three Kenyan entrepreneurs with the goal of delivering a gift experience above and beyond their customer’s expectations. These are the guys you go to for gift hampers and gift baskets. We love their unique baskets and you have the opportunity to build your own gift basket.

Image of a gift basket with wine available at This is one of the gift shops in Naiorbi


House of Leather and Gifts

House of Leather and Gifts specialize with gifts made out of high quality leather. House of Leather is one of our favorite gift shops in Nairobi because you can shop for anything. Seriously, you can shop for something to wear and at the same time you can find awesome unique pieces for your house. They stock leather shoes, bags, belts, wallets, stationery and toys. They are located in the CBD, NHC Building Aga Khan Walk and in Elsyee Plaza Kilimani Road off Elgeyo Markawet Road. They are open all week long. Check them out and leave us a review on what you think about their products and services.

Maru Art Gallery

They are among the lesser known gift shops in Nairobi but they have such great and unique gifts we had to include them here. Located along Mama Ngina Street, they stock ready-made and custom made gold and silver rings, chains and earrings. You can also find leather wallets and belts at the shop.

Kings Gift Shop

Like most gift shops in Nairobi, Kings Gift Shop sell a lot of unique watches. While that is what they are mostly known for, they also stock unique shoes. So if you are looking for a great pair of shoes or a watch that makes a statement, head on over to the 1st Floor of the Old Nation Building. Kings Gift Shop are on room A18. They also deliver all over Kenya so you don’t have to worry if you aren’t in Nairobi.

Image of watches sold at Kings Gift Shop. It's one of the top gift shops in Nairobi

(Image Credit-Kings Gift Shop)

Pablo Gift Shop

This gift shop stock items for both men and women. For unique shoes, jewelry, belts and even socks, visit Pablo Gift Shop at Hamilton House at the CBD. They also have an outlet at the Hurlingham Plaza. Check out their gifts catalogue here and leave us a comment on what you think.

Which other gift shops in Nairobi should be on our list? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also review any of these stores on their Yululate profiles. Browse through our activities and attractions pages for ideas on what to gift your loved ones.

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