Where To Get Easy, Quick And Unsecured Emergency Loans in Kenya

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Where To Get Easy, Quick And Unsecured Emergency Loans in Kenya

Image of a man staring at his phone. Enjoy emergency loans in Kenya from these mobile credit facilities

We are officially halfway through the month. It means for most people, while they ate their ugali with meat at the beginning of the month, they are now eating it with eggs. For some, it’s back to sukumawiki with their ugali. Basically, right about now is when your bank account will tell you to sit yourself down and chill anytime you want to spend unnecessarily or spend at all. What we are saying is, times are hard right about this time of the month. Anyone else feeling the blues? It’s not just us right?

This week at Yululate we are talking about where to get emergency loans in Kenya for times like these. When you are halfway through the month and you feel like maybe you won’t make it to the end without some extra cash. And it’s not just for the employed who are waiting for their salary. This is also for Kenyans who are unemployed and those that don’t have a steady source of income.  Who do you go to? Where do you find the fast and easy most importantly unsecured loans? Mobile-micro loans that’s who.

Mobile credit facilities have been popular with Kenyans for a while now. This is partly because most would rather avoid the long and difficult procedures one has to endure in order to get loans from financial institutions like banks and SACCOS. Despite arguments that these mobile credit facilities have high interest rates, they continue to be preferred by most. Hate them or love them, they are here to stay.

So let’s get to it shall we? These are the places you can get short term emergency loans in Kenya.


Branch is a financial company based in San Francisco and Nairobi. Anyone who is a registered Mpesa user and has a Facebook account can qualify for loans from Branch. The minimum amount borrowed from Branch is Ksh 1000, repaid in 3 equal weekly installments.

Image of the Branch Logo. It's one of the lenders that offer emergency loans in Kenya.


The loan interest varies depending on repayment. It will gradually decrease depending on how early you pay before the due date. Your credit score will also go up as well. Failure to repay loans results in decrease of credit score, denial of future loan requests and report to the CRB. Their app is available on google store and is compatible with android phones.

Pesa Zetu

Unlike the other apps which simply offer emergency loans in Kenya, Pesa Zetu brings together Kenyans who want to borrow money and those who want to lend money. Users register on Pesa Zetu where they review loan rates and once they accept the terms, their loan request is posted on a market place where lenders review and fund it. The more you repay the loan on time, the higher your credit score goes up. Find more details on their website.


Image of the Tala Logo. They offer emergency loans in Kenya.

Tala is another way to get emergency loans in Kenya. Founded by Inventure Mobile Ltd, many previously knew it as Mkopo Rahisi. They are popular for those looking for instant soft loans. Their app, available on google store, links to your Facebook account. Loan applicants are required to answer a few question and their eligibility will depend on their feedback. The minimum loan amount is 500 and the maximum is 50,000. Loans are disbursed and repaid through Mpesa.


Saida have a larger loan limit compared to other lenders that give emergency loans in Kenya. With a maximum loan request of Ksh 100, 000, they have become one of the most popular lenders in the country.

Image of the logo of Saida. It offers emergency loans in Kenya.

They loan at an interest rate of 10% with the loan repayable in 30 days. To be eligible, one must use mobile money services like Mpesa or Airtel Money. They must also have a source of income, enough to pay back the loan. Their app on google store has raving reviews.

Musoni Kenya

Musoni is a micro finance institution that offers solely cashless lending services to its customers. They have several micro finance services. Among them are group business loans, Agri-business loans and education loans. They are also popular for giving emergency loans in Kenya which they refer to as wepesi loans.


Zidisha financial services provide emergency loans in Kenya at reduced interest rates. Your starting credit limit depends on whether you have an invite from a Zidisha member in good standing, and whether you choose to make a security payment into the Members Loan Fund. After that, your credit limit will increase with each loan depending on your record of on-time repayments, up to an absolute maximum of Ksh 991,760 . If you have been invited to join by an existing member in good standing, you can borrow up to Ksh 996 for your first Zidisha loan if you do not make any payment into the Members Loan Fund, and up to Ksh 100,992 if you do make a payment into the Members Loan Fund. Check out their website for more information.

Kopa Chapaa

Kopa Chapaa is the brainchild of Airtel who partnered with micro finance lender Faulu Kenya to give soft loans to its users.

Image of Airtel Kenya managing director Shivan Bhargava (right) with Faulu Kenya boss John Mwara during the Kopa Chapaa launch at a Nairobi hotel. Kkopa chapaa now gives emergency loans in Kenya

Airtel Kenya managing director Shivan Bhargava with Faulu Kenya boss John Mwara during the Kopa Chapaa launch.

You must be a user of Airtel money to request a loan. The minimum loan amount is Ksh 100 with the maximum being  Ksh 10,000. The repayment period is between ten to thirty days. If you are in need of some fast money, consider them.

Other popular lenders offering emergency loans in Kenya include Safaricom’s M-pesa, M-shwari and Okoa Stima. Have you used any of the lenders before? What was you experience like? Let us know by leaving a review on their products and services on our website.

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