Get On Board Ladies, Apparently September Is Take a Man on a Date Month

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Image of a poster written September Is Take A Man on a Date. These are the nightlife spots in Nairobi you can take a man out on a date

I had no idea this was even a thing. September is Take a Man on A Date Month. What? I have been seeing it all over social media. On my twitter and Instagram feed, I see posts (mostly from men) hinting that they want to be taken out.

Image of a tweet talking about September being a take a man on a date month. This is a list of nightlife spots in Nairobi men can enjoy Image of a tweet. Find the coolest joints in Nairobi to take a an on a date

If you are a woman, chances are, a man in your life has brought your attention to this “holiday”. Some of you have hilarious replies.

Tweet about September being a take a man on a date month. We have places in Nairobi on Yululate a man can enjoy Tweet about September being a take a man on a date month. We have places in Nairobi you can take a man on a date Tweet about September being a take a man on a date month. We have places in Nairobi on Yululate a man can enjoy

As you can imagine there has been a lot of debate over this in Nairobi. Some of you think it’s all good, while others, mostly the women, saying it’s a “fake holiday” made up by men. We can’t really tell the origin of this month long “holiday”. What we can tell you though, is that every man would like to be taken out once in a while. What’s wrong with taking him to a lovely restaurant or hotel in Nairobi?

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Many believe that it is an unspoken rule that the man is the one to take the woman out. It doesn’t always have to be so. At Yululate, we are all for taking a man on a date. And don’t just offer to pay when  he takes you out. It doesn’t count. You have to call them up, tell them you are taking them out on a date, plan for it and most importantly pay for it. We are going to give you ideas on where to take him out this month. It’s just about a week to the end of the month so listen up. Ok read up

We are thinking something fun, and not just for him. Something both of you can enjoy. How about you take him for a night out in Nairobi. Sounds like a riot right? Here are some of the best nightlife spots in Nairobi you can take him to.

Uptown Grill

Uptown Grill is an uptown restaurant and grill located at Elsyee Plaza in Kilimani. There’s always ample parking and their happy hour starts at 4 pm. It’s a great spot to go out for a date this month. Check out prices of their food and drinks on their website.

Image of the Interior of Uptown Grill. Its among the best places in Nairobi to take a man out on a date

Image Credit- Uptown Grill


Skyluxx Lounge offers you an opportunity to dance to the latest tunes and vibe to some golden greats. For an awesome date night, take him to one of the swankiest nightlife joints in Nairobi. Check out their profile on Yululate for reviews. They only allow entrance if you are 21 years or above so you are guaranteed a mature crowd. Have a look at their website for more information.

Image of Skylux Lounge. Take a man on a date to this swanky joint in Nairobi

Image Credit- Skylux Lounge

Kiza Lounge

Kiza is a fine dining Afro-fusion Restaurant and Lounge. It is located on 8th & 9th Floors at Galana Plaza, Galana road in Kilimani. They have good food, great music and superb service.

Image of Kiza Lounge. Its among the popular nightlife spots in Nairobi

Image Credit-Kiza Lounge

The lounge features ambitious interior design, mood enhancing lighting and a professional table service of drinks. Perfect for a date no? Leave us a review on Yululate if you have been to the spot.

Space Lounge

Space Lounge is among the top places in Nairobi to hang out so we are including it as part of our list on where to take a man on a date. Dance the night away, courtesy of their awesome Djs and enjoy a wide range of drinks. If he enjoys partying, this is the spot you need to take him to. It’s located along Ngong Road opposite Prestige Plaza.

Image of partygoers having fun at Space lounge. Ennjoy a night out in this awesome joint

Image Credit- Space Lounge

Read Our Post On Nairobi’s Weekly Events to discover other cool places you might take a man out on a date. You can also search for many more nightlife spots in Nairobi on Yululate.

What do you think about this whole “September is Take a Man on a Date Month” business? Let us know on the comments section below.


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