These Companies in Nairobi Will Run All Your Errands

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Image of an African man celebrating with hands up in the air. discover companies in Nairobi that will run all your errands for you

Companies that offer errands services in Nairobi are some of the sought after companies. Why? Because we all have those times when we feel like there are more errands to run in a day than there are hours. In Nairobi our busy lifestyles means that sometimes we don’t even have time for the simplest errands. Not to mention the traffic snarl ups! This is especially hard for working people who are at work all day and sometimes even the weekend.

And let’s not even get into the fact that some of these errands can take time, are boring and tiring. Ever stood in a line for so long you gave up? What’s the worst that could happen if you didn’t pay that water bill, right? How about when you forgot to buy that birthday gift and now don’t have the time to do it?  For most people having someone run errands for them is not only convenient, it takes a lot off their plate, creating more time for themselves and their loved ones.

While digitization of certain services or the popularity of e-commerce helps by eliminating certain errand runs, it’s still a reality that some people don’t have access to the internet, don’t know how to use it and some key services are not online yet.

This week at Yululate, we are looking at top companies that offer errands services in Nairobi.  They will deliver your mail, pick up your lunch/dinner, take care of your dry-cleaning runs and even books tickets for you. We would appreciate feedback on these and any other companies offering errands services in Nairobi so please leave a comment below.

Stellar Errands

Image of a cartoon of a biker messenger. Stellar Errands in Nairobi will deliver your parcels as well as offer other errands services

Image Credit- Stellar Errands

Stellar Errands are located at Windsor House along University Way. They provide personal and professional errands services in Nairobi. Whether you are too busy, elderly, sickly, expecting guests you can’t pick up or even if you need a temporary assistant, they will help you out. They also guarantee you trustworthy, reliable and competent errands service providers. Think you might use them? Contact them here.

Nairobi Errands

These are the services Nairobi Errands provide.

Screen shot image of services provided by Nairobi Errands. The provide errands services in the city

They are among the favorite companies offering errands services in Nairobi because their rates are pocket friendly. They charge according to zone in the city. All pickups are delivered to the CBD.

Petty Errands Ltd

Petty errands has been in business for over 25 years starting out by providing courier services. Since then, they have expanded to provide services such as bill payments, banners/posters distribution, business registration, gifts and flowers deliveries and so much more. As the name suggests, any errand you consider petty, they will do it for you. In fact, their tag line is ‘Petty to You, Important to Us.’ Go through their website for any more information.

Image of a delivery motorbike belonging to Petty Errands. Its one of the companies providing errands services in Nairobi

Image Credit- Petty Errands

Nairobi Fast Errands

Like most companies offering errands services in Nairobi, Nairobi Fast Errands  offer household, offices and personal errand services.

Image of the Nairobi Fast Errands Logo. Get errands services from this tested and trusted company

They will do your shopping, deliver your parcels and mail, pick up your dry cleaning and offer other services that will make your life easier.

Pennfoster Errands Services

Pennfoster Errand Services will handle all those petty jobs that may get on your way at times. They will pay your utility bills, bank for you, deliver your documents and gifts etc.  The company provides its services in both Nairobi and Kampala.

Have you ever used a company that offers errands services in Nairobi? What was your experience like? Review the companies on Yululate to help other customers make their decision. You can also find many more services on the website.

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