The Patients In Kenyan Hospitals That Annoy Doctors

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Image of an annoyed female doctor. These are patients in Kenyan hospitals that annoy doctors

I suck at being a patient. When I catch a cold, I think I’m dying. Sometimes, I think I know better than the doctor. I frustrate my doctor because I don’t always clearly describe my symptoms. You get the drift right? I’m an annoying patient. It’s not just me though. Patients in Kenyan hospitals can be ANNOYING. Some of us have behaviors or traits that doctors dislike.

For the fun of it, we at Yululate have compiled the type of patients in Kenyan hospitals do and say that annoy doctors, nurses and health workers.

The ‘Internet Say So’ Patients (Self- Diagnosing Patients)

You are the patient who will google your symptoms, come to the conclusion that you have a life threatening disease even though it’s a slight cold. You will also go ahead and google treatments to your disease. You will then tell your doctor, the woman or man who spent years getting a degree in doctoring :), what is wrong with you and how they should treat it. You, my friend, are an annoying patient. STOP IT. Not only do you drive yourself crazy thinking you are dying from a flu, they (doctors) know what they are doing.

Gif of a man lying on the bed saying he is dying. One type of annoying patients in Kenyan hospitals are the ones that google their symptoms and treatments..

When you are unwell and you google the symptoms….

You know when you don’t know how to spell Arnold Schwarzenegger and other words, they say that that google is your friend? When it comes your health, it’s not. Doctors in Kenyan hospitals have seen these patients and they don’t like you.

The ‘I’m Too Sick To Wait In A Queue’ Patient

In Kenyan hospitals especially the public ones, you will find patients patiently waiting for the doctor to see them. If you are lucky the queue won’t be as long but when has that ever happened in public hospitals? Anyway, you, because you think your disease is worse than these folks who are waiting their turn, will request that the doctor see you first. Not Cool At All. Or those mothers who always think their child is sicker? ANNOYING! That said, we acknowledge that there are cases where you or your child might require immediate attention from the doctor. Other than that, please sit yourself down and impatiently wait like the rest.

Image of patients queuing outside the hospital. This is usually the case in Kenyan hospitals

Wait our turn like everybody else.. (Image Credit- The Star)

Family Intervention

Here’s the thing, some patients in Kenyan hospitals are usually accompanied to the hospital by family or friends. For some, it’s out of necessity as they need/require the assistance and support. It’s perfectly understandable for family or friends to speak on behalf of patients who are mentally, emotionally and physically incapable of doing it. This is for those who overstep the boundaries. Yes, I’m mostly talking to you parents and spouses. Let the patient tell the doctor where it hurts, how their bowel movements are, how long they have been unwell etc.  Your hearts are usually in the right place but just don’t.

The Liars

Image of a woman with her fingers crossed during a doctors appointment. Some patients in Kenyan hospitals lie to their doctors

Don’t lie to your doctor….(Image

Because you are uncomfortable with some of your vices, habits, medical history you lie to the one person who will do their job better is you are completely honest. REALLY?? Patients in Kenyan hospitals lie which isn’t great. Please give the doctor details of your sexual activities, tell him/her how much you drink or smoke, tell him if you have ever been hospitalized before….Give them honest and detailed information. It could be what saves your life.

The ‘I Can’t Describe Symptoms, or my Medication Intake’ Patient

Doctor: What hurts?

You: Everything

Doctor: What medication are you taking?

You: Those orange looking pills…

Gif of Nene Leakes rolling her eyes. these are the types of annoying Patients in Kenyan Hospitals


If any of the above describes you, your doctor has more than once rolled their eyes at you when you weren’t looking. They think you are very annoying. It’s a good thing they have to treat you right?

What are you guilty of as a patient and what kind of patients have you seen in Kenyan hospitals? Let us know in the comments section below.

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