We Want To Help You Pay For Your Ki.chen Lunch Delivery Order

Ki.chen Lunch Delivery
SME Profile: Ki.chen Lunch Delivery
September 30, 2016
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October 5, 2016

We Want To Help You Pay For Your Ki.chen Lunch Delivery Order

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Happy October people.  We hope the new month is off to a great start. We are on a mission to make your month a little bit better. You know Ki.chen Lunch Delivery right? They are only the best place to get affordable, healthy and tasty lunch.

READ: SME Profile: Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

Ki.chen will deliver some of the yummiest food to you at the office or home. For the next two months, Yululate is partnering with Ki.chen to give you 10% off your lunch orders. Simply use the promo code HOTDEALS when you order and you will pay less for any meal you want.

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Why Ki.chen You Ask?

Everyone knows how hard it is to get lunch in Nairobi. If it’s not expensive, it’s unhealthy. With Ki.chen Lunch Delivery you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for some healthy, yummy dishes. I mean take a look at this food and tell me you just don’t want to order right now?


Check out their menu on their Yululate profile. You will be blown away by the pocket friendly prices and the variety available to you. Listen, you and your workmates or friends can make a thing out of it and each order a different meal and share.

Review Ki.chen Lunch Delivery and Win

When you finally have a taste of Ki.chen, leave a review on their Yululate profile and you could win a lunch voucher. Simply tell us how you liked their food, how efficient their delivery is, you can even tell us about their portions if you want. We just want to read your opinion on Ki.chen Lunch Delivery and we will reward you for it. Winning reviews will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

What are you waiting for, ORDER NOW….

Gif of man talking about getting food. Order Lunch from Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

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