Types of Customers in Nairobi Restaurants We Love to Hate

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October 3, 2016
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Image of a waiter holding his head in disappointment. On this post we call out annoying customers in Nairobi restaurants

Can we just talk about the type of customers we see in Nairobi restaurants? The ones that really annoy us. They annoy waiters and waitresses more.

First up, the lingerer. This is the customer that will take years to order. They will study that menu like they have an exam coming up. Folks, you’ve seen them in Nairobi restaurants. You might be this customer. Reading the menu from front to back, taking hours to decide what they want. Then after all that, they ask for a soda. What?????

Gif of Kevin Hart saying What? Customers in Nairobi restaurants often ignore restaurant etiquette

Then there’s the picky customer. Waiters and waitresses in Nairobi restaurants know this customer all too well. The ones who will customize a dish, it will look or sound nothing like the original meal on the menu. They’ll order a salad but can you replace the leaves with bread, add cheese and maybe tomatoes? It’s a pizza now. Or can their water come with half a lemon at exactly 20 degrees? Oh My God they are the worst.

Image of a man holding his head. This post is about teh types of customers in Nairobi restaurants

Step up to the plate critical customer. You are on the list too. Oh but this customer is annoying. They will find something to complain about if it kills them. But how come your drinks are so expensive yet this place sell them cheaply? But why is it so hot in here? That background music is awful or too loud. Woe unto you if you delay their order by a minute. Oh, they’ve also had better food somewhere else and you will hear about it.

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Enter stage right, the important customer. You may or may not have seen or heard of these customers in Nairobi restaurants. They are very important. More important that the other ten customers who have been waiting their turn to be served. Don’t you know who they are? Drop everything, drop everyone’s order, they will be served first because they are important. They expect to be attended to at the snap of their fingers because well, they are important.

Image of African man in a restaurant. Customers in Nairobi restaurants taht think they are too important to wait are annoying.

Don’t be that customer who thinks they are too important to wait like everyone else

The loud customer is perhaps the most annoying customer you will hear in Nairobi restaurants J see what I did there? These customers will talk over everyone. They are having a great time and you will know it. With no regard of other customers in the establishment, they will raise their voice while they converse with their dates or while they order their meals. They are almost always drunk.

Calling out all Mr(s)-Know- It-All customers in restaurants in Nairobi. You are annoying. I have had the misfortune of being on a date with this type of customer. The ones that know all about food and want to show off?  Asking the waiter or waitress if that beef is grass fed or which wine will pair well with the food just so they can correct them if they are wrong?

Image of a gif of someone saying stop. Customers in Nairobi restaurants who misbehave need to stop.

Let us know below the customers in Nairobi restaurants you find most annoying.  And while we are on the topic of restaurants, have you discovered a favorite yet? We can help with that. Browse through a list of the top restaurants and hotels on Yululate. We have very helpful customer reviews on their profiles too. This way you can dine at only the best restaurants.

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