Ki.chen Lunch Delivery Review

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On a hot Friday afternoon, after we had yawned enough times for our bosses to get the hint, they ordered lunch from Ki.chen Lunch Delivery.

Inage of the food by Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

For those who don’t know by now, Ki.chen Lunch Delivery are the best place to get healthy, tasty and affordable lunches in Nairobi. They deliver to offices and homes. We were so impressed by them, we featured them on out SME Profile posts. So, we got lunch and guys, believe the hype. We certainly do now.

Here’s my review of Ki.chen Lunch Delivery.


Right off the bat the person on the telephone was very friendly. And because we had a lot of questions they were also very patient. The delivery service is very good. They are efficient and the delivery man even called to let us know how far away he was. Ki.chen Lunch Delivery assures you will not wait more than an hour for your delivery. They kept that promise.


Image of the food delivered by Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

You know how you always worry that when you order take out that your food might arrive cold? You don’t have to worry about that with Ki.chen Lunch Delivery.  The secure tupperware containers keep the food warm and ensures there is no spillage. We were very impressed with that. And you can eat out of the tins if you want, no need for plates. Unless you are sharing the meal.


This is the most important part of this review. Obviously. So let’s get to it. We ordered a variety of lunches:

Halloumi and Harissa Wrap- Ksh 450

Avocado, Feta & Pesto- Ksh 400

Swahili Coconut Chicken Curry- Ksh 400

Spicy Chicken Wings with Stir Fry Veggies- Ksh 500

Beef Massaman Curry- Ksh 500

They came with sides of Cumin & Coriander Rice, Plain Basmati Rice, and Chinese Stir Fried Rice.

We got fresh Mango, Mint and Pineapple and Passion fruit juice at 200 a bottle each.

Portions: The portions for everything were massive except for the Halloumi and Harissa Wrap.

Image of the halloumi wrap from Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

I am of the opinion that it might not fill you up, especially if you are very hungry. The amount of juice blew me away. It comes in a 500 ml bottle. For 200 bob that is a lot of juice. Definitely worth every penny.

Freshness: Ki.chen Lunch Delivery promises food with the freshest ingredients and we have to agree that they delivered on that. The dishes were definitely freshly made. The Halloumi and Harissa Wrap was however a let-down again. (Not a good day for this wrap). It didn’t taste fresh. The juice was completely fresh, tasted like it was freshly squeezed. The rice dishes were also very fresh and well cooked.

Taste: Overall the food was very flavorful.  The biggest hit was the chicken wings and the Avocado, Feta and Pesto. The garlic, onions and spices on that chicken though…Simply Yummy! For those who like it spicy, you will love the Swahili Coconut Chicken Curry. We loved the juice especially the Mango and Mint and Pineapple juice. The passion juice was however a tad too sweet.

Image of food in tins from Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

We thought food from Ki.chen Lunch Delivery was a great option for those looking for healthy and affordable food. Their food genuinely looks like the food you would cook at home, only better :).You guys know that finding lunch in Nairobi is hard, if it’s not unhealthy its expensive. Ki.chen Lunch Delivery is a more healthy and affordable option.

We’ll Help You Pay For Lunch

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