Awesome Food Websites Delivering Healthy and Affordable Food in Nairobi

This past week on Yululate we’ve been talking a lot about eating healthy. And not just because we want popping beach bodies for the coming holidays. Eating healthy is important. We however acknowledge that it’s not always easy. In Nairobi for example finding places that sell healthy food at affordable prices can be hard. So most of us end up eating unhealthy food especially for lunch.

It’s for that reason that this week we are focusing on food websites that will deliver healthy affordable food either to your homes or to the office. Let’s get to it then.

First up is Ki.chen Lunch Delivery. As the name suggests, they deliver lunches all over the city. What we like about Ki.chen Lunch Delivery is the fact that their food is always so fresh and that you won’t break the bank for a good meal.

Image of Ki.chen Lunch Delivery poster. They are involved food delivery in Nairobi

Image Credit- Ki.chen Lunch Delivery

We love them so much we ordered from them a few weeks ago. Read our thorough review of their food and services when it comes to healthy food delivery in Nairobi and see why we were impressed. If you like what you read, you can also let us help you pay for lunch by using our promo code to get 10% off your order from Ki.chen. You can also read reviews of Ki.chen Lunch Delivery on their profile on Yululate.

Purple Earth Foods is next on this list. They are all about eating right, feeling good and looking great. They are a company dedicated to healthy food delivery in Nairobi.

Image of a meal on a plate. These are the websites catering to healthy food delivery in Nairobi

Image Credit- Purple Earth Foods

What makes them unique is that they provide you with information on the ingredients used and calories of each meal on their menu. Currently they only deliver to the CBD, UpperHill, Milimani, Valley Road, Kileleshwa, Riverside, Lavington, Westlands, Waiyaki Way, Ngong Road, Karen and Hurlingham. For those looking to take eating and living healthy to the next level, Purple Earth Foods provide different diet programs. Have a look, order from them and leave us a review on what you think.

You cannot talk about healthy food delivery in Nairobi without talking about Miracle Foods. Apt name no? Unlike the other food delivery services in Nairobi, Miracle Foods deliver ingredients for healthy meals and you have to cook it. They deliver meal kits, meals in a jar, juice kits and fresh vegetables.

Image of food delivered by Miracle meals. They are on the list of websites that have healthy food delivery in Nairobi

Image Credit- Miracle Foods

How it works is, you choose a meal from the many items on their menu, they deliver proportioned hand-picked ingredients for the recipe you’ve picked and you cook the delicious meal following their recipe. The meals in a jar come prepared and all you have to do is pour and eat.

Last but not least on our list of websites catering to healthy food delivery in Nairobi is Green Spoon. This online food store is for people who care about what they eat. They have sourced food products from producers all over the country. They also provide you with information about the source, the ethics or the sustainability of the food, so that you can be more confident about the quality of what you are eating. From cakes to nuts, healthy cooking oil and honey, they’ve got it all. Orders should be made before 3pm for next day deliveries.

Image of fresh healthy passion fruit juice in a bottle from greenspoon. discover healthy food delivery in Naiorbi

Image Credit- Green Spoon

Let us know of your favorite food websites that deliver healthy food delivery in Nairobi below. We will add them to our list. You can also discover new places to eat by browsing through restaurants, hotels and cafes listed on our website.

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