Funny and Annoying Things Kenyan Fitness Freaks Do and Say

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Annoying fitness freaks…We know them, you might be one of them. There is an obsession in Nairobi with being fit that inspires, annoys and sometimes makes us laugh.

On this post we list some annoying/funny things that Kenyans do and say when they start working out.

The Kenyans out there who discover the gym and try to recruit everyone in their lives…we see you and sometimes we don’t like it when you do that. It’s well and good wanting your friends and family to stay healthy and fit. Problem comes when you start nagging, giving unsolicited advice…

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Self-righteous is one thing some fitness freaks turn into and we don’t like it. Ever had someone in your life start gyming and all of a sudden when they find you snacking you hear remarks like “ I would never eat that!” or “I would never take anything with that much sugar”

Being a health and fitness Know-It-All is something that can happen with some Kenyans when they start working out. Nothing wrong with it really but when you start telling people around you what to do because you are knowledgeable, it can be annoying. The worst ones are the ones that use complicated health/fitness terms to show off.

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Being Judgmental is next on this list. The struggle is real when you go out for lunch with a fitness freak and you order something unhealthy (unhealthy to them). Then they look at you like “Should you really be eating all that pizza?”

How about Kenyans who’ll go to the gym once and expect to see results? To be fair most of us are guilty of this.

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Then there are the insensitive types who will say hurtful things just because they exercise and diet. You’ll find them saying things like, “You’d be so beautiful if you lost a bit of weight!” They can also be condescending sometimes which isn’t great.

Finally, the Kenyans who will let everyone know that they are now exercising and dieting because well, if you go to the gym and don’t post several times on social media, did you really go to the gym?

Jokes Aside, Fitness Is Important

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I know we’ve made fun of fitness freaks above but in all seriousness staying healthy and fit is important. We also acknowledge that most times these fitness freaks are usually coming from a good place when they try to impose fitness on us.

At Yululate we are all for eating right and living healthy.

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That said, we have listed some amazing gyms in Nairobi on the website. You can search by location for the gyms near you. Browse through them and read customer reviews and start your journey to becoming a fitness freak :).

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What annoys or amuses you most about people obsessed with working out? Let us know on the comments section below.

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