Kenyan Ladies Are Riding The Natural Hairstyles Wave and Rocking It

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Kenyan Ladies Are Riding The Natural Hairstyles Wave and Rocking It

The past few years have seen women embrace natural hairstyles. Celebrities certainly love it.

Image of celebrities wearing natural hairstyles

As you’ve probably seen on a girlfriend, friend, sister, mom, cousin or even colleague, Kenyan women are all over the natural hairstyles trend. Ladies in Kenya are now spotting the natural look and they look fierce.


Image of songstress Keturah. She is one of the Kenyan Ladies rocking natural hairstyles

Image Credit- Keturah


Image of Margie Muga rocking the natural hairstyles

Image credit- Margie Muga


Image of Kenyan Marisha Kuria and her natural hair. Natural hairstyles are the rave in Kenya

Image Credit- Marisha Kuria

This week on Yululate, we are talking about natural hairstyles. In the next post we check out the top salons in Nairobi to get your natural hairstyles taken care of. We will also be talking about the natural hair products made in Kenya for Kenyan women that will help you pull off those natural hairstyles.

What do you think of this whole natural hairstyles wave? Are you loving it on Kenyan ladies or nah? Leave us a comment below.

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